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So... I'd like to offer the DIY guys a service. ETCHED modular panels, 19" studio panels and guitar pedals!!! I just got everything I need to start pumping these suckers out.

Here is the deal... you send me the file, I'll etch it, paint or patina.... and punch it forya! I'll do anything from a 1HP doepfer panel up to a 23" tall and as long as you need wide.

Aluminum, Steel, Brass and Copper is not a problem. Rates differ from metal to metal tho.

PM if any interest or reply to here. Thanks guys! smile
aw man, this is awesome!
your stuff looks quite awesome! this is exciting.
This is great! I might hit you up soon thumbs up
I roll with black stuff, and I'm not into the patchwork look, but how sick would it be to have the big ass 4U matrix mixer dead center in my system in bare aluminum etched with some sweet ass design? SlayerBadger! Now, if only I could come up with one hmmm.....
Also going to offer my graphic design services wink
cool! looking forward to seeing examples of what the various techniques look like!
!!!!!! Doing panels has been my major hang-up in finishing modules. I'm interested! SlayerBadger!
Okay SO! I think I'm going to do these in batches where I take orders up to a deadline. All bets off then I finish the batch for everyone then repeat. I think this way I can keep material cost down and also really dive into making you lads and lassies badass work.For prices, starting with aluminum/steel for a small 1u-5u without holes start at 25 ,For a panel from say 2 frac wide to QMMG size... 35. 5u / 6u would be 40. Brass and Copper might be a little bit more. Then something the size of my sequential switch, 50. 10 bucks for US shipping, 15 bucks for international. USPS will be the shipping method btw and these prices might be a
Smidge higher if ordering multiple panels.

It's really hard to give set prices beyond panels with just mounting holes because punching is a patient process. Just email me: for a quote on any ideas you have.

I ordered some different darkening chemicals/agents and WILL be showing pics in the next few weeks of the techniques you can order.
What file format are you using? I'm pretty interested in this for FSS panels seeing as Schaeffer screwed up my last order.
Pretty much any format.... I prefer to use Adobe Illustrator for setting everything up. Uses vectors... everything comes out really clean. Front panel express uses .DXF and I'm pretty sure I can even get that into illustrator.
Anything except for .JPEG I'm thinking because we don't want pixelated poop panels!

And if anyone is in question... send me a test file and we can try it before we go ahead with anything.

I'm also going to make a .zip this weekend of all the symbols for you guys to layout where all the components go. I thought about making finished custom modules but there is ALOT of planning into making sure things arent bumping into things and such so... I'm going to take no responsibility for a design gone wrong. That's the only hitch with this... you guys have to have it layed out and ready to go. I don't mind designing layouts and graphics for you guys but it will be on a per hour rate. I'm not going to rape anyone for my hourly rate but.... alot of times it takes more time to design a panel then to actually etch, wetsand, punch... etc.

Thanks again guys for your interest! Also, I"ll have prices for guitar pedals today up as well. smile
kick ass SlayerBadger!
Here are some of the examples incase nobody on this post has seen my work in the past. Again tho... this is just Aluminum. I'm going to offer Brass and Copper as well. smile

rico loverde
WOW!!!! yes yes yes. love your design work.
these are amazing!!
we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy

awesome cat approves
What is your price for etching enclosures like the Hammond BB or B size, artwork provided?

Soy Sos
Big up!
Love your design aesthetic!
We really need a Ohio/PA summit
Dang those look awesome!

How close are these panels to what the artwork looked like in Illustrator? There's a really nice "distortion" (for lack of a better term) in your type that gives these a very hand-crafted feel. Is that something that's in the original artwork, or an artifact of the etching process?
Hey for the 1590 and 1590BB size, 35 plus shipping. I can't use my metal punch on the pedals so I'd have to use a drill press to knock out the holes.

As far as the graphics... it's pretty damn close to the illustrator file. Since I just got new gear... Lines should be sharper now, as well as deeper etch into the metal.

I'm working tonight on a 4U panel for myself with all the new equipment I've rounded up so, I"ll show you guys hopefully by monday how it's looking.

Thank you guys for all the positiveness! Can't wait to start making stuff for everyone on here! smile

Oh and SoySos... DOOD WE DOO! I wanna start doing a synth meet for the PA,OH,IN people ASAP! Might organize this myself and have it in my dad's print shop here in nati but... we'll see.
Hey, these look great... Are you able to punch out squares/rectangles? I need a fireplace for an ml303.
For the LCD? I'm sure I could... pretty damn good with a dremel smile
Sound, though bit more to it than just the display... an example here:

If you're able and interested I'd love to get something sorted at the end of the month... I like your designs too so might let you loose on it!
those evilwave panels look really really cool...
tIB, that's alot of squares. There is a chap on here that has a computer controlled cutter, let me contact him and see if him and I could team up on it. He could cut the squares and I could etch the graphics/text forya. smile
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