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Noise on left input on Cocoquantus 2
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Author Noise on left input on Cocoquantus 2
Does anyone have a clue how I can get rid of the noise, means clean the buffer other than having input and loop gain fully CCW and speed full CW while sampling?
It works fine on right channel but not on my left channel.

Of course some noise remain on right channel and it's normal afaik, plus it does not disturb for sampling like it does on left channel where the buffer is never empty.
Dolby switch up on Coco should help.
Hainbach wrote:
Dolby switch up on Coco should help.

I will try again then thumbs up
Hey I also have the same difficulty on the left coco. It's hard to clear the buffer, right one is so easy. My coco2 had a few parts missing when came to my home and I sent it back to Peter. It didn't fix the buffer issue, though. So I still have the problem, but when I'm trying to clearing the left coco (meaning when it's recording), wiggling speed/loop knobs somewhat from extreme position often help clearing (if not perfect). And don't forget it takes long to clear when the recorded sample is long. Hope this will help.
thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

Thank you for sharing.
Hello Cocoquantus people.
I also need help! I don't find a way to clear the buffer of the right Coco. l already tried Dolby switch up and down,.... Could you maybe have a quick look at the video and tell me if this behaviour is normal?
Thanks a lot in advance and all the best!
I usually have the Dolby switches in the middle position and the turn the feedback down and the speed up and push the black button a few times.
In your video it sound like the buffer is not being cleared.
Is that a ground banana on the right not plugged into anything?
Sometimes ciat lonbarde does weird things, try unplugging it.
Maybe you have a loose solder somewhere?
Is it always like this? Or did it just start?
Do you have another power supply to try?
Thanks for your quick response!
I have tried everything, Dolby switches up/middle/down position, grounded, not grounded, other power supply... but it seems the buffer is never completely cleared... sometimes it's a little bit less noisy, but it's never like in the left coco.... I have just got the Cocoquantus two weeks ago and I am superexitced. I know noise is part of game, but it's kind of annoying that I can't clear the buffer....
h ave you tried significantly gaining the input signal?
@jo.spieth: what you show with the right side of the Coco is exactly what I show with the left side on mine in first post (forgot to mention I bought mine new). Except that I just switched it on, so the sound in buffer is only noise, but if I had the audio sample like in yours, it would sound like yours.
My opinion: I don't think there's a solution other than circuitwise and I'm not sure I'll ever find the time to check the circuit!
My cocolase has this problem with noise in the delay feedback same with coco2. If i turn the dolbyswitch for feedback in middle position the noise starts but fades quickly depending on the feedback knob. When the noise starts i flip up the dolbyswitch and it is silent. If you have noise in the delay with the dolby on then i guess peter must fix it.
Dolby switch for the feedback must be up. Dolby for input does not matter.
Hi everybody.
Thanks a lot for your help! I wrote an email to Peter last night and today already got an answer. He had a look at my video and recommends to take the Coco back to Patch Point in Berlin, where I bought it, to have them check it out. "There may be a tiny thing like an unsoldered leg."
Thanks again and all the best!
If you can solder or have a friend who can fixing this problem is easy. Unscrew all 15 screws holding the top sandwich together. Lift the top off from the base and turn it. Now you can see the bottom of the pcb. I have done this myself many times with the plumbutter and tetrax. Good luck!
Faulty design? Peter should be aware...
Forgot to mention: like it was said earlier in this thread, having Dolby switched on mutes this noise on playback, but having it switched on while cleaning the buffer has no effect.

jo.spieth wrote:
I wrote an email to Peter last night and today already got an answer. He had a look at my video and recommends to take the Coco back to Patch Point in Berlin, where I bought it, to have them check it out. "There may be a tiny thing like an unsoldered leg."

I opened mine reading your last post.
I see with magnifying glass no SMD unsoldered or bent leg or any cold joint (except on all pots, but I guess these were soldered form the top or they'd have no contact).

I reflowed the biggest chip though to be sure, but same as earlier.
So it would be great to know which part of the circuit to look at exactly and reflow if necessary. I'm gonna ask where I bought it.
+1 for noise on the right channel.
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