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Macbeth M5
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Author Macbeth M5
k brown
Are there any M5 owners out there?

I'm building an M5-inspired plugin, but there are a few aspects of the M5's structure that can't really be gleaned by educated guesses from studying the front panel, and as AFAIK, there's no manual onliine.

Things get confusing/unclear in the top row of 'modules'.
- Looks like VCF 1 out is not pre-patched to anything, right?
- If a cable is plugged into the VCF 2 Audio Mixer's output jack, is the connection to the VCF broken, or is the new connection added to the VCF's input? Same question regarding VCF 2's CV Mixer.
- I can't for the life of me puzzle out what's going on with the output panning :
two inputs for the 'VC Panning'? One marked 'L VCA In' and one marked 'R VCA In' (OK, left and right VCAs) - but are these audio inputs to the VCAs or CV inputs to them? I assume they are CV inputs, since these two jacks have written above them 'VC Panning' - but since when does panning take two inputs and two sliders; a pan pot is a single control. I assume the jack and slider next to these marked 'LFO 2/CV In' is VC panning, normalled to LFO 2 - what's with the other two jacks/sliders. And exactly what is on the two 'Pan Out' jacks, and are any internal connections broken when cable are plugged into these?
- Just what is the routing/normalling in the lower half of this 'module'?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide - the completed vst will be free and available through my (non-commercial) website:
k brown
Stumbled on a mirror of Ken's old M5 webpage via the Internet Wayback Machine and it cleared up a lot.
k brown
Here's a screenshot.

edit - Could not resist - miss Conrad.
That's pretty cool.

I had honestly just assumed the M5 was another 2600 reboot. It really is kind of tricked out in a nice way (though of course you could gussy up a TTSH with some help from Eurorack and go even further). Still, good stuff, for sure.

Thanks for sharing! Had not seen you site before, may give some of this stuff a whirl later!
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