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Empirical Circuits Dual Latch
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Author Empirical Circuits Dual Latch

The Dual Latch rolls two SR flip-flops into a 2hp form factor, created to provide a means of toggling hold/freeze inputs on digital modules with a single trigger source. A trigger sent to an up arrow input will set the corresponding output high, while a trigger sent to a down arrow will set it low. The input's with gold up and down arrows will flip the state when a trigger is received.

More info available on its MG page here.
This is really cool.
Very nice and useful, I've already seen some clips on your Instagram and I'm interested to try it out. I like also the sergesque panel graphics! Bravo! thumbs up
I got one of these, it’s a cool little module. It’s very pretty and it remembers so I don’t have to cool

It fits with the way I’m going: replacing complex modules with basic building blocks and doing away with software-based modules all together.
I schooled myself in flip flops here:

The Dual Latch has two SR flip flops (with an additional toggle input), the most basic type of FF. You can patch one yourself from logic gates like so:

You can patch more advanced flip flops (clocked SR, clocked Data) using logic gates and the flip flops in the Dual Latch.

There’s a full featured dual flip flop module from Omiindustriies, but it’s DIY only and 8hp.

Thanks guys, really appreciate the positive responses!

And thanks huffnPuff for digging up some useful info on SR flip-flops. I always try to explain them to people unfamiliar with flip-flops as sort of trigger controlled gates, but that seems to create a confusion of its own. It's probably best to just learn what they really are and how they fit in with other logic modules to create more complex or useful behavior.
I find it interesting that memory, in its simplest most basic implementation is a feeback patch. Makes you reflect about reflection... hmmm.....
Yeah! Of course the memory on the Dual Latch is volatile, since it's only a CMOS chip at the core. So buying a whole bunch of these won't allow you save patches through power cycles or anything space age like that.. Which was never the point of the module. I often reach for mine at the end of a patch session to get some sort of dramatic change going on, works well with a slew limiter like Function!
I think I need another DL?

I’m using the awesome NLC Divide & Conquer for counting things, but it doesn’t have a reset input. A second DL (four flipflops in total) would allow me to count from 0000 to 1111 and also SET or RESET each bit whichever way I want, right?

Unless someone knows of a CMOS clock divider with a reset input? I’d like to be able to do this in hardware.
If I'm thinking about it correctly, since the set and reset inputs override the toggle inputs you could use two DL's to do that but you would need to send your reset signal to all resets simultaneously for it to reset all of them at once. If you just send it to one it will only will only temporarily inhibit any flip-flops that come after it.
Sure, I was thinking of multing the reset signal to all the sub-units. In fact, using flipflops this way allows me to set the initial state to any arbitrary value - setting and resetting individual bits any way I please.
Just a little patch idea for those who have acquired a Dual Latch! I've been having fun using one with a slew limiter and comparator combo as a pulse stretcher for variable beats and stuff.

Send a trigger from something to a Set input then, using a stackable, send the Gate out from the Latch to your slew input. Set Fall to immediate, and send the output from the slew to a comparator looking for about 4 volts. Then patch the comparator output to the Reset input on the Latch and adjust Rise time to change the pulse length. The Gate out is split with a stackable so you can use it!
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