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3x Stereo Mixer - 6 HP, can drive phones
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Author 3x Stereo Mixer - 6 HP, can drive phones
3x Stereo Mixer is a high quality 3 channel stereo mixer with manual volume controls. Total mix Left and Right outputs available on separate jacks, plus L&R stereo jack can be used to route the mix via single stereo cable or drive the headphones. Channels 1 and 2 can be muted with the relative switches. Left and Right led indicators available for all three channels.
Several 3x Stereo Mixer modules can be chained together via connections on the back side. This connection is possible with other Happy Nerding stereo modules too. At the moment PanMix Jr and 3x Stereo Mixer can be connected in both ways. Also their stereo outputs can be internally send to the Isolator module. Or stereo signal can be received from OUT and latest revision of PanMix.
AC coupled inputs.
Right channels inputs are normalled to the corresponding Left channel inputs for easier mono patching.

MSRP: 100 USD or 88 Euro
• 50 mA +12V
• 50 mA – 12V
• 35 mm Depth
• 6 HP wide dule-black dule-silver html

I was looking for an additional mixer module to collect a few stereo mixes into one
Nice! Thanks for sharing
please tell me this is DC coupled!
Looks really great!

Is L inputs normalled to the corresponding R inputs, if you have, say, two stereo signals and one mono signal?
Answering myself: yes it seems to be the case.

New questions:

1) If I chain 3 of these what will be available at the outputs of first, middle and last module in chain?

2) I already have two intellijel mixups, are mixups and 3xstereo mixer electrically compatible?
1) (1), (1+2), ((1+2)+3)
2) both have different sockets, but custom cable may help to connect them together. I do not have mixup to check myself.
3xStereo Mixer now has black panel versions: dule-black
lionelfischer wrote:
please tell me this is DC coupled!

If you do use it to drive phones, DC coupling wouldn't be a good thing.
lionelfischer wrote:
please tell me this is DC coupled!

What would be the reason to want a DC coupled stereo mixer? Sounds to me this is intended strictly for audio signals... confused
DC coupling path was needed for laser show equipment.
You mention MSRP: 100 USD or 88 Euro but the price advertised in the link is £165?
Thanks for noticing this. The price is corrected now.
Question about this mixer - and your mixers in general...

Is there any gain on these? So is the 10 position unity or is it some positive gain?

Is the headphone output level attenuated compared to the line?

Just wondering if it'll allow me to mix external line and internal rack level signals and still get a decent signal into cans.
There is unity gain. Though can do a custom version with some more gain.
L&R output has the same level as ordinary L and R outs. It can drive most of the headphones, but without a dedicated phones level knob it is a tricky task. Because different headphones models have drastically different sensitivity. So this L&R output is just a bonus, which can not be suited for all the possible cans.
I'd like to know more about a custom version with gain. How much gain and how would I go about getting one? thanks
Any feedback from owners of this module?
I'm interested in buying one to mix my clouds and rings and maybe a three sisters outputs in stereo.
Thanks! SlayerBadger!
I am about to get 3 x stereo mixer and out module.

1. Is cable supplied to chain those 2 modules? If not, what kind of cable should I get and where?

2. If I chain them, can I internally send the output of 3 x stereo to out module?

Thanks in advance.
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