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Who made this? Help me out ! (FOUND) MW4LIFE :)
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Author Who made this? Help me out ! (FOUND) MW4LIFE :)

I am thinking FSOL, it's killing me, I cant remember !
kind of sounds like Hardkiss. has that bay area hardkiss thing going on.


just for comparison... these aren't miles apart stylistically

Wauw, that is pretty close haha !

Funny idea I got last night, as I know the file is somewhere on my harddrive I am currently running a scan with this, but maybe I need to run the pro version. I imagine it's something like the way youtube finds music uploads and removes the audio, funny it was not the case with my upload here...
The thing is I lost the filename of the track. So let's see what the program can do... smile
Reporting in to say, this program really works nicely, but only at 65% this morning and sadly it cannot compare one single file to the rest of my library, so I have to run a full comparison of all files. Kind of a shame that this simple feature is not implemented.

But at least I am now able to clean up all my duplicate audio files and get the ones with lower quality deleted
Hermetech Mastering
I have that Raincry 12" one of mi faves! Sorry I can't help ID the track, although it does sound very familiar.
if you have a smartphone, try out shazam or soundhound - you play a bit of music from speakers and they try to recognize the song.

it works surprisingly well for even smaller print / less mainstream music, if a digital distributor has picked the song up at some point it's probably ended up in the shazam or soundhound soundprint database.
Reality Checkpoint
Sadly, I have Shazam (my children suggested that I used it when asking them interminable questions about the music they were playing!) and it keeps coming up with the same thing:

Conversations With Shadows by HP Source. adows-original-mix

When listening to it I do not think it is a match, but it might help narrow down your search.
Thanks, yeah I tried everything I could before going to more drastic measures, by that I mean using 3 days scanning my harddrive. I tried all the apps, and all the databases I could find. They just come up with odd results wink

Looking foward to hopefully getting an answer when I am off from work today if the computer didnt crash, crossing fingers

Probably some unreleased AFX remix or ... FSOL track from a VA CD from the 90s hahaha
Too bad it wasn't recognized by those apps, I've had dead end with them occasionally as well... FWIW I'm at the office (naughty me even reading & posting from here) so didn't listen to the clip yet!
Im at the office too hihi But I think it's ok with a break every now and then
Sounds very familiar- I would date it to 93-94ish, when "trance" was starting to become a thing separate from house.

I posted it to the "Classictrance" reddit group, as it's probably something they could help identify.
Thank you love

We are getting close and the computer has not crashed yet ! I just hope it's there, I am 99% sure. But sadly it seems like the folder the file is in seems be be the last because it's on another disk, of course i did not think about the order of what I added first. Guess computers arent as random as one would think haha

Next time I will definetely put all the files on the same disk. Could have saved me 2 days and a burning hot PC

i might be the FSOL alias Amorphous Androgynous.
It sounds rather amateurish. I don’t think it’s FSOL. I’d guess it’s made by someone that really liked the flute sound of Lifeforms though.
It does kinda sound familiar... this was the kind of stuff I listened to a lot in the 90s. I don't think it's FSOL, definitely not AA unless it's some unreleased demo or something. Doesn't have the Hardkiss vibe to me, quite, but stylistically it's similar. Lacks a certain... something.

I also have that Raincry 12"... lovely stuff. w00t
Well, something went wrong with my scan, I placed 8 files containing the same audio with different names on the desktop and the program did not detect it, this was the audio I was searching for, so the conclusion for now is a new scan with all files on the same drive d'oh! This time I will use my spare laptop for the scan. Aaaargh, I am really not happy about this
djs wrote:
Sounds very familiar- I would date it to 93-94ish, when "trance" was starting to become a thing separate from house.

I posted it to the "Classictrance" reddit group, as it's probably something they could help identify.

I think you are completely correct !
the bad producer
Crikey, I know how frustrating this can be! I just randomly bought some 12's from a charity shop and one is a track I've been looking for since 1992 - one of my holy grails lol... turns out it's quite a well known Strictly Rhythm tune hahaha - anyway, that's what made me post, this sounds like it could have been one of those tunes Strictly put out that wasn't garage or house (ie in their 'normal' catalogue)

That being said, it's quite reassuring that some things still take care and time these days!
As someone who has been obsessively listening to FSOL the past few weeks (not like I know all their old obscure tracks but I know the style) I am nearly 100% sure it is not them. Sounds a little like early Autechre, AFX and u-ziq in bits but overall I'm pretty sure it's not them either.

The best thing I can think of is very early B12 (which I have never actually listened to) just judging by my memory of how their later stuff sounds.
I can't tell if it's a highly evolved track out of some house-like 12" dance scene or a primitive one by an "artificial intelligence" type artist.

If it's the former I'm just lost. If the latter then I have hope. What do you guise think?
post it on reddit in one of the 90s techno/progressive/breaks subs..
This is the closest I've come so far:

Listen how around 5:30 they both have a little melodic phrase that trails off in the same note.

I can't believe how this one sounds for 1989. It's more hi-fi than the one we're trying to find too.
I have no idea how to use Reddit, but I sometimes read posts from there smile
That sample that comes in at 2:01 sounds so familiar! I want to say this is a remix of an Orbital tune or something. Definitely owned the original at some point. Gonna go listen through some of their early stuff to find it... The Chewbacca Defense

Edit: Nope. None that I can find anyhow. Not giving up though...
It's really weird, I have the exact same feeling about some of the sounds in this track, maybe it's just a good 90s representation thing.

Thank you all for trying to help and being part of this "Where's Waldo" hunt
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