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Better card for volta/silent way?
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Author Better card for volta/silent way?
I can pick up either a motu 828mk2 or traveler mk1 tomorrow for 300 dollars.
I saw a voltage chart that I believe had the 828 rated higher. But does the traveler make up for that with better sound/pre's/ interface, etc.

I'm leaning towards the 828mk2. What do you guys think. I'm on a mac and live 8 and currently have a Focusrite saffire.
You are probably right. I don't have the chart handy, but look at the regular outputs not something like the headphones. I don't know what your workflow will be. If you are buying it for Volta then the sound/pre's/interface wouldn't make much of a difference. How much more voltage is it.

1v difference will be a big deal but .2 of a volt might not. Though thinking about it, maybe you want to figure out what voltage triggers your envelopes. Could be only the 828 does or maybe neither or both do. You may be finding you need some sort of further solution discussed in the silent way forum to boost it further. Then if you do need that you might then find the voltage difference is
The Ultralite looks like the best bang for the buck for use with Volta or Silent Way. I have obtained very good results with an 828 Mark 3, but the cost is difficult to justify if you are only using it for Volta/SW.
As far as I know, they use the same pre's/converters/audio path in all of their interfaces across a line, i.e. 828mk2, Traveller (pretty sure this came out when everything else was mk) 896mk2, etc. I had a 828mk2 and 896mk2 briefly at the same time, and they sounded identical (i.e., in my opinion, pretty bad for the money.)
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