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Earthquaker Dev. Transmisser?
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Author Earthquaker Dev. Transmisser?
Hi all, am seriously considering getting the Transmisser for ambient/drone type stuff -- but my concern is that it's a one-trick pony, in the sense that it just makes everything you run thru it sound like a Transmisser. And that the sound is so characteristic that somebody listening will just go "oh, a Transmisser."

Any satisfied users out there? How variable is the effect in terms of interaction with source material? From demos it almost sounds like the pedal is doing its own thing regardless of input signal. (Although it does really sound good).

Any comments / thoughts re the Transmisser are appreciated.
I briefly owned one. I felt like it was a one trick pony haha. Quickly sold it. Was using it on guitar though. For a characterful reverb maybe look at Caroline Meteore? There’s a lot of good ones. Also check out Old Blood pedals or whatever. They have a couple unique reverbs.
have one, keep meaning to flip it as I find the filter adds a little too much noise, when I finally decide I'm bored of pedals it'll be the first to go.......
i use one (often bring it live) and, yes, it has a characteristic sounds.. but it's very nice... a worthy color to have in your pedal collection.

my main issue with it is that the resonance breaks up quite quickly in a not-so-nice way... could use more headroom.. you have to be very careful where you set the filter....

if you like colorful, modulated, slightly weird reverbs its great.. but there are also a ton of options out there.
honestly I love mine- I actually put it on the master fx chain for my ambient sets.
Jason Brock
I flipped mine pretty quickly too. I feel like if you're strictly a guitarist, it's a good effect to have in your arsenal. But if you have any synths at all with a filter input to process audio, the Transmisser doesn't sound as good by comparison and is less flexible.
I fell in love with Transmisser at the guitar shop, it really was a trip for droney riffs. I even tried getting a foot pedal later on to have control over some change, since you cant turn knobs while playing. Cant say that made a huge difference. I wish i could change the knobs while playing.

I do think it is kind of a one trick pony but Ill hang onto it because it was so fun the first couple times i tried it.

edit- i mean to try using electronic gear through it so i can tweak it, ut havent yet. forgot i had it waah
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