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4MS DLD Unwanted Blips
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Author 4MS DLD Unwanted Blips
Hey guys,

I have recently been messing around with the 4MS DLD and am really loving its functionality as a looper. Unfortunately, there's an issue that I can't seem to eliminate -- after a loop has been going for a little while (it seems to happen when I'm fiddling with the delay feed knob), it starts to make distorted blips that are in sync the ping LED turning ON. I thought it might be a cable jiggle being recorded into the buffer, but it's consistently sync'd with the LED (I'm pinging it with an external source if that makes a difference). I've tried to update the firmware and it doesn't seem to have fixed the issue as I had hoped.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and if so, has someone found a solution? I've been flirting with the idea of building a loopstation of sorts using 3 or 4 DLDs and using this to sequence my system, but this issue makes the module pretty unusable for recording purposes.

Thanks for any help! Hope there's an easy solution!

If it’s in sync with led’s, sounds like a power supply issue.
Have you tried another power supply?
What power supply do you have and what else is on it?
Hey Brandon! Thanks for the reply.

Hmm...I hadn't thought of that. My case is 9U/120hp and is powered by 2x Mean Well RT-65b power supplies (each max out at 2.8A on the +12 rail, 1A on the -12). I've never had this sort of problem with them...I'm not much of a DIYer so don't really know how I would approach trying different ones.

I have a couple of big power suckers e.g. an ADDAC hi-fi output. Could a module like this be the culprit?

Thanks again for the help. This module was blowing my mind up until it started blipping!

So I've been troubleshooting a bit and it definitely seems to be a power supply issue -- when I start up the module, I can hear soft pulses that match the tempo of the module that I'm using to ping it. Oddly enough, these audible pulses don't match the specific ping I'm feeding the DLD (a slow pulse that only pings every 2 measures), but instead a multiplication of this pulse that I'm using to trigger my "metronome" module (both are coming from Pamela's New Workout). So it definitely seems to be my rig and not the module.

Does anyone know how I get this to stop? Am I just over-drawing from my power supplies, or is perhaps because the DLD's ribbon cable is too close to the PSU?

Thanks again for the help. Glad that it wasn't an issue with the DLD!
ChurchyLaFemme wrote:
Does anyone know how I get this to stop? Am I just over-drawing from my power supplies, or is perhaps because the DLD's ribbon cable is too close to the PSU?
Drawing too much power might be the problem, thats easy to test by removing some other modules and seeing if it improves. Also likely is that you have too much current for the resistance of your distribution (bus boards, cabling, etc). You haven't actually said where the noise is being heard, is it only on the output of the DLD or is it heard in the outputs of other modules too? Plug in headphones directly to the outputs to listen for the noise.
Ras Thavas
One other thought, what version O.S. are you running on the DLD?

I seem to remember the first release had some issues with noise build-up on loop boundaries due to clock rounding errors, particularly under external clock.

There are numerous settings in the preferences which can help with this, if memory serves. Worth checking the manual and maybe updating!
This may be the same issue that has been discussed in the main DLD thread: 800606
Hey guys,

Thank you for all of the responses, and my apologies if I wasn't clear in describing the bug. Candle -- that indeed sounds like the same issue I've been having (or at least part of it). Just as the post describes, there's a faint click/blip when I plug in an external clock. Oddly, it's not the clock that is directly being sent into the DLD, but another one coming out of the Pamela's module (or at least, it's the same multiplication as the other output).

The other issue is the LED one that I described.

I didn't get a chance yet to isolate the issue and listen to different outputs on headphones -- I just assumed it was the DLD since this is the only module change I've had recently and it the blip corresponds with the LED. I'll check this out ASAP.

Lastly, yes, I updated to firmware 5 earlier today before I made my first post.

Anyway, thank you for all of the replies. I'll fiddle with it next chance I get and see if I can resolve with the new info you guys offered.

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