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Syncing pam’s to eloquencer
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Author Syncing pam’s to eloquencer
Just wondering what people think the best way to sync these two is? as I seem to be having issues.

I wanted everything to start on one button press, so I have been having the eloquencer as master clock, and 2 pams slaved too it running my modulations, but I’m having issues.

I have it set up with clock out of eloquencer into clock in on pams (set to 4 ppqn) and 8 pulse out on eloquencer. With aux out of eloquencer set to start high stop low.

And what’s happening is, I’ll be 2 hours into a patch, ready to record, I’ll stop the eloquencer, then when I hit start again, it will play the first beat and freeze, so I have to hit stop and start again to get it to run, and that sends the two pams haywire, and fucks up the whole patch, it completely changes all the clock divisions on the modulations and ruins the patch. Also I noticed hitting the start stop button on the elo repeatedly would mess up the clock divisions, like it was clocking from the start stop signal?

Has anyone else had issues running eloquencer as master with pams? If not, what settings do you use?

I have temporarily set pams as the master clock, but I really don’t like the fact you have to press start on the pams, then start on the eloquencer every time you want to stop and start, so would prefer eloquencer as master as everything would run from one press off the button.
Multi Grooves
OG pam or new?
Sorry, new Pam, tbh I think I might have sorted it, I had the run setting on the clock detection setting, I’ve put it on the reset signal setting, and changed the eloquencer clock pulse to 4, and it seems to be working so far
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