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Harmonic PLLaser - Schlappi Engineering
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Author Harmonic PLLaser - Schlappi Engineering
No hype for this one?

Looks super interesting!
Looks very nice, I’d be all over this if I didn’t already have two PLLs in my system! CV control over multiplication and division is unique though, no other eurorack PLL does that.

It’s not clear whether it has a comparator on the input so that it can accept any audio signal? There’s a Threshold knob but I’m not sure what it does.
Their Interstellar Radio module is also very cool.
definitely hyped for this one. Interstellar Radio is a great module
Extremely hyped
Great to see interest! There are comparators on the input, early revision had a threshold setting but i dropped that because i didnt get a lot of use out of that control. It currently has a set 1v threshold on input.

This one has been sitting at about 90% for a while, tweaking values and trying to expand the sweet spots.
I’m not sure I understand where the actual audio input is, so revising the panel might be a good idea if I may say so myself cool

If I can make another suggestion, the Synchrodyne and expander don’t cope well with slow signals such as rhythmic clocks. If technically possible this could be another unique feature.
looks pretty awesome to me, I would love to have one
a quick note before someone else catches it.

I pulled the page on the Harmonic PLLaser down for the moment. It will still happen but it is getting some rethinking and will definitely not be arriving Q2 2018 meh

There should be some very exciting announcements from us soon and we should have new things to show at Mutek and Knobcon. We are a new company so I'm still figuring out the right time and place to show new things, from now on you can catch glimpses at the trade shows (or instagram) but no pages online or commitments until after the module is in production.

Cheers! w00t
I’ll be expecting those updates, I like what I’ve seen coming from you so far!
Hoping to catch a a sneak preview of some new modules at Knobcon.
a new PPL for the market for the win wink
I’ve had Interstellar Radio for a while and Angle Grinder for 2 days. I will definitely be making room for any new Schlappi Engineering modules. Huge range of timbres and conceptually super interesting. And the build quality is fantastic. Love the knurled aluminum knobs.
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