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Hey euro pals! I just put the finishing touches on the production version of our new dual joystick controller/module. It utilizes a game console controller type of interaction for your modular control voltages. The controller has 2 X-Y joysticks with push activated gates. There are onboard attenu-verters for all 4 cv's generated by the joysticks. On the module you have 12 outputs, 9cv and 3 gates. Each JOY section has outputs for X, Y, X+Y and gate. Then you have the SUM outputs of both JOY sections. So X+X, Y+Y, XY+XY and a ANDed output for the gates. Which means the AND output will be high when both pushbuttons are activated simultaneously. The joysticks have a max range of +/-8v with the attenuators giving finer control if needed. Each output has a backlit led that shows the polarity of that channel. Red=-CV Green=+CV

Also the controller has battery connectors for 9v batteries which allows the module to be powered outside of the case. (never have batteries installed when using internal euro case power connectors) There is a switch on the controller to turn the batteries on and off. This would be ideal to take with you to synth meets/shows and help ruin all your friends patches.

I am going to be doing a run of 25 units for the initial run for those who have shown interest. Unit cost will be 249$ plus shipping and that includes 2x 6ft cat6 cables for the controller/module connection. There is a 35$ down payment to reserve a spot. Once I get around 10 preorders I will order the pcbs and it will be 4-6 weeks for module shipment.

You can send me an email at softwiresynth(@) (preferred over PM's) and also a follow on instagram @softwiresynthesis if you're not already!

Paranormal Patroler
Wow love
@Paranormal Patroler Thanks! I will try and get a video done for it this weekend.
When my two favourite hobbies collide applause Love the sacred geometry Torus symbol as well!
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