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Mother 32 and DFAM for the intermediate wiggler
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Author Mother 32 and DFAM for the intermediate wiggler
So I have a pretty solid collection of modules at this point. Plenty of utilities, one or two effects, duel filter, lots of options for happy patching. But my main Oscillator is the mother 32. My main perc module is the DFAM. In the past month I have acquired an Basimilus Alter, Mutant Kick, and two Tip-top audio Ones as other sound sources. They are all loads of fun.

Obviously, M32 and DFAM are loads of fun in their own right. Obviously they CAN be used within a larger system. But after having some more “straight forward” straight up sound modules, I am starting to wonder if they are a bit too much for an intermediate wiggler? Almost like, they are so capable that within a larger system I run into some sort of patching overstimulation. I get around on them fine by themselves. I feel like I have a decent understanding of them.... but I wonder if I would get a better, or rather, a more fundamental understanding of synthesis with say, an STO and a Rene (within a larger system) than I would with a mother 32 (within a larger system)

I hope my question makes sense. I guess the simple question would be: can a system and her user grow out of something like the Mother 32 and her bastered child DFAM?

For the record I know how fantastic these stand alone are. I don’t think they are useless, I just can’t help but wonder if I should move on from them to try out some more straight up sound sources now that I have the utilities to control them.

I got an M32 when I started and loved it but then wanted to get more into fundamental modules. So I sold the M32 and no regrets. My system has since grown and is mostly made of single/limited purpose modules.

However, a month ago I got the DFAM because for me there is something about its construct and interplay of features that really make it unique. I could probably make something similar out of an array of modules I have, but the DFAM is ready-to-go and just too much fun. I see it having a permanent home in my rack. It’s a very creative package.

So - two somewhat similar, semi-modular instruments had two very different outcomes for me, and in the end it really has to do with what you wanna achieve, or what you may consider fun.
- Whether you ultimately keep the m32 or not, having 2 oscillators is going to be useful, especially something with greater variety of waveforms. You can mix them or fm them for a start or simply use for different voices.

- be careful not to forget all the useful utility modules the m32 comes with before getting rid of it and consider if you already have replacements or will have to pay a lot to replace them. Midi to cv, mixer, mult, noise, etc

- also be conscious that m32 kb out is -5 - 5 (doesn't play great with 0-8 modules like piston Honda) and has some tracking issues with certain oscillators (like my dixie2). These can be worked around using on board mixer which is a bit fiddly or by purchasing other modules like pico mscale.
It’d be cool to rack them up as their own system and add more MOOG stuff when it comes out like if they release the Subharminicon. It’d be nice to have the entire Moog Euro collection as it is built up.

*I’m a sound hoarder.
captjrab wrote:
It’d be cool to rack them up as their own system and add more MOOG stuff when it comes out like if they release the Subharminicon. It’d be nice to have the entire Moog Euro collection as it is built up.

*I’m a sound hoarder.

Yeah, I would get a 3 tier Moog rack and use them standalone. When the next "Mother" is released rack that up and you'll have a powerful Moog system.
Check out Alastair Wilson's YouTube channel for ideas on how to use M32 and DFAM together:-
I started out with this pair, and as others have said they work really well together

I think the dfam would work pretty well in a euro setup. Its got a good blend of features and having an extra 8 step 2 channel sequencer is never a bad. The mother 32, i'm less sure about. It's onlysingle oscilator (unless you count the lfo and resonating filter, neither of which really track or sound great to me).

What really hurts the mother for me is the sequencer and keyboard. They are perfect for a standalone unit, but the interface is kinda cramped and requires some combo button gymnastics to use fully

If I had kept mine, it would have been standalone for sure, since they compliment each other so well and take up so much space. great units though. I had a ton of fun and learned a lot on them
I have a ~220HP 7U basically built around the DFAM.

The DFAM is pretty central to every patch I make, sometimes I don't plug anything into the VCAout at all! I use it as 2x sequencers and I also use the three different envelope outs a lot with other modules. It has 2 oscillators with CV_in (although tuning up is really sloppy on the DFAM). Turns out it is a CV-generating beast!

When I out the VCA I mainly use it for drums, but the 2 oscillators can sound quite chordy with the right pitchCV, turn down the noise and open up the VCAdecay.

One strange bit is the Pitch output of the DFAM is -5/+5v, and a lot of eurorack modules only take positive CV. Why did Moog choose this, I have no idea, but that's how it is. Usually I don't pitch my drums with the built-in sequencer (I use CV to pitch them), so that frees up the Pitch sequencer for other duties on my rack. I mainly use it to modulate the RUN input on Just Friends, which happens to take +/-5V.

DFAM pairs up really really well with a lot of different modules, so I can vouch for it's versatility. It hogs a lot of space, but it's not leaving my rack to go back into it's little 60HP shell any time soon.
i feel like you need to breakdown the moog stuff, you have the osc outs on them, so you can just use them like the sto... or use their sequencers with other stuff... or the envelopes... they have amazing filters you can use them to shape other sounds... there are tons of options, if you think about them as individual parts rather than one unit it will open up how everything can grow...
Guinness ftw!
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