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Advice on first rack pls
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Author Advice on first rack pls
Well, it is my first rack. oops

To celebrate my first screaming goo yo, I thought this would make an interesting experiment since I never did one of these threads. So, apart from the obvious "get a bigger case" and "don't buy everything at once", is there anything obvious I'm missing? Is there anything you'd swap for something else? How am I doing?

I'm very happy with what I have, and I do have some ideas of where to go from here, but it's always useful to consider alternative points of view. And while I'm getting all reflective and totes emoshe I'd like to thank you all for the help, advice, and ideas I've nicked over the year. It's really helped to make all the money I've spent on this thing give many-fold returns in joy. You guys are the greatest! This is fun!

(P.S. If any of that isn't legible there are MG links in my sig.)
you need a sequencer!....ahah kidding! that what makes this rack so fun to me! very inspiring!
Jaypee wrote:
you need a sequencer!....ahah kidding! that what makes this rack so fun to me! very inspiring!

I relented and brought the PP/Brains combo out of storage. oops
I don't see a telharmonic there. I highly recommend one. They can add so much to a patch/composition.
Your rack is incredibly similar to mine.. You even arranged/paired some modules like I did. love
I usually recommend the same two things: a) a matrix mixer b) more switches.
So, besides the A-138m you could get second A-151, the new A-150-8 or the big A-152. Two sequential switches become handy to split stuff, process and combine again. With the A-152, you would get a nice 8-way sequential switch, step adressing, T&H and gate outputs. This thing is a beast and extremely useful in larger systems with lots of modulation sources like yours. Speaking of T&H, my PEG just loves the Sportmodulator sitting next to it. A Quadra Expander. Or maybe some kind of trigger sequencer? Trade Wogglebug+Branches for Marbles?
The two W/‘s is interesting, how do you find you use them together or what was the intended idea? I have a W/ and a Morphagene so am curious to hear some ideas applause

Here’s to hoping the W/ firmware that’s in the works pans out some of the issues.. It can really be a temperamental bugger.
All correct. w00t

Switching and mixing are on my radar. I've got the matrix thing sorted with the Mix 04, but it eats CV because it has no attenuators of its own. That's why it sits next to Blinds - for the offsets - but I could probably do with more.

Also in the plan is a dedicated comparator and some waveshaping. Telharmonic was in the running when I last went shopping for an oscillator, but I ended up with the LI (not disappointed!).

The beta firmware for the W/ makes a lot of difference. What I like doing is feeding the same audio and CV into both of them, but with slightly different loop lengths. It's so easy to make cool noises with them it almost feels like cheating, so getting a second one was a no-brainer for me. Mr. Green

And after being anti-sequencer for so long, I'm beginning to be intrigued by René. But before all that I need more space, so I need me some bigger rails, some wood, and a lot more skill in DIY than I already have...
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