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Hitting Preamps on the Mix-Bus?
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Author Hitting Preamps on the Mix-Bus?
Gringo Starr
A friend of mine who was a professional engineer said he never hit preamps on his mix-bus. However I’m reading online that a lot of people do this. I’m curious if it’s more common to or not to.
there are a lot of ways to get nice, high quality, character-ful gain on a mix bus. if you want to go to a pair of preamps you'll need a DI in between to get your mix level to mic level.

personally i would use (and do use) line level devices that have nice character and there are a ton of options... like the HG-2, a portico 5042, Elysia's Karacter 500 module... any number of high quality EQs or compressors with a little bit of character.

but, of course, the beauty of this business is that there are no rules.. so if you find something that sounds good and works well for you... go for it!
Michael O.
Assuming I’m understanding you correctly: one wouldn’t normally send a mix through preamp. A mix is already line level unless there has been some major mistake in gain-staging. The rare exceptions would be if you were passively mixing via transformers or if you were overdriving the preamps for some sort of gimmick or something along those lines.
Gringo Starr
Thanks for chiming in guys. Totally makes sense. The engineering world isn’t my strong point... yet. smile

The main reason I asked this is because I’m considering purchasing a Chandler REDD.47 mic preamp. My plan was just to buy one but I was thinking that if it was somewhat standard to run a mix through mic-pres then I’d save up a bit more and get a matched pair. I’m only going to use it for tracking single instruments so I only need one I guess. However I plan on getting the Chandler RS124 as well. Sounds like a matched pair of those would make sense.
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