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EHX Oceans 11 reverb
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Author EHX Oceans 11 reverb
Has anyone tried the new EHX Ocean 11 reverb? What are your thoughts?
Not played or heard. Very different look for them. More boutique looking. I prefer the original artwork style of the typical EH pedals.
Yeah it and the Canyon seem to be a different direction for them... it’s as if they have a new designer on the team... even the functionality seems different compared to their other stuff...
I bought one. Its quite a great pedal, esp for the money. The Infinite Hold function alone makes it worth it. Im really digging mine.
Very curious about this features, specially the shimmer and auto-infinite. hmmm.....
The Shimmer sounds pretty great. You gave good control over the variation of the shimmer in the sub ‘menu’. The auto-infinite doesn’t really do all that much for me. I already have a Super Ego and it’s kind of the same thing. There’s one pre-set for auto volume swell and that one is awesome. The plate sounds really good too though. One of the best features for sure is that with the infinite hold on, there is still another layer of reverb available for the part you are playing on top of it. It makes things really lush. With all that said, I feel like this pedal and the Canyon are like Eventide H9 lite, I like the ability to have two separate effects engines for less than the price of one H9, but the sound quality and number of sheer features on the H9 is much better. Also I think the H9 would handle modular levels much better. Sometimes the Oceans distorts.
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