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VCFQ percussion jam
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Author VCFQ percussion jam
Little live thing recorded last night, 2 channels out the mixer.

VCFQ doing bassline and percussion at the same time, sequenced via turing machine.

DFAM doing kick, NTO+wave multiplier on drone.

applause applause applause applause
Cookin! It's peanut butter jelly time!
Cheers smile

Another riff on a similar patch

well done
Wild Wild World of animals from another planet!

For reference:

cheers all wink
this is some properly good shit. this is exactly the kind of music I'm coming to serge to make. do you have any music released anywhere? smile
Hey, thanks smile

I do have a few EPs, but in a very different style so not really worth your time probably.
Still consider myself very much a novice working with the Serge/euro and haven't finished anything I'm happy enough with to release. Soon though hopefully smile

You can find some similar sounds on the Hypnus label maybe, also donato dozzy and wata igarashi.
Really good stuff, thanks for sharing.

Is the kick in the second bit also made with the VCFQ? Sounds very nice.
Nice work! I recently picked up a VCFQ myself - have you any patch notes that you could share in respect of this piece?
Phineas - yeah, still the dfam, and thanks smile

Vast Halo - cheers, few pointers:

Bleeps: VCFQ has nothing in its input, it's being pinged by the pulse out of a turing machine, and the CV out of an attached volts expander is being used to modulate the filter frequency. I'm manually turning the resonance to vary between clicks (low res) and sine-like bleeps (higher res, but rarely more than 12 o clock). The unmodulated base frequency of the VCFQ is tuned to the same pitch as the DFAM kick and the NTO drone.

Drone: NTO having its waveshape LFO modulated, then going to a Synth Tech deflector shield in pitch shift mode, pitch up and down outputs panned hard left and right and run through chorus and spring reverb. The FX are pretty key here, it sounds a little dull otherwise.

Kick: DFAM multed so its running through a Serge Res EQ to add top end and generally spice it up, and also running straight into the desk for a dryer punchier signal. Manually varying the balance between the two. Using the resonance knob on the DFAM as a 'bass sucker', anything other than zero res really eats into the low end, so you can treat it almost like a hi pass filter - but the filter frequency doesn't vary so you don't have a sweep effect when removing and adding bass.

Hope that helps smile Out to Egil Kalman on the build for the Serge modules, A+ builder would recommend.
Thanks a lot for the explanations!
All good wink post some of your stuff!
oh shit ! big fan here hah. your released stuff inspires me so much, thank you for sharin some work in progress here
Ha busted smile

Cheers man, appreciate it. Looking forward to finishing some new stuff n getting it out there wink
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