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Passive tiny mixer-splitter for minijack tinijax banana PCB
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Author Passive tiny mixer-splitter for minijack tinijax banana PCB

I'm pleased to introduce Bill's TinyMixer : an inexpensive small, useful and versatile tool based on a Bill Sequeira's idea.

For Buchla, Serge, Eurorack and many more...

No power required
Audio or CV passive summing (3 inputs, 1 output - mono or stereo) with attenuators
Audio or CV passive splitting (1 input, 3 outputs - mono or stereo) with attenuators
Fits banana sockets with horizontal or vertical mounting, including a ground one
Fits mono and stereo Cliff minijack sockets. These sockets also accept tinijax.
Fits mono and stereo 9mm pots
Format jumbler
LEDs showing activity on each channel (work with CV only)
Plugs directly into the module's socket using a gender changer

Due to the passive nature of the circuit, the incoming signals are slightly attenuated.

Available for DIY only for now. It's a very very easy build.
The current PCBs are green, I ordered black ones like the pictured prototypes but the manufacturer did a mistake and green ones arrived. We're trying to find a suitable solution for them and me.
So the PCBs are available at lowered price, from €4/ea only, shipping included.


Thanks Bill for the pics thumbs up
Awesome! we're not worthy we're not worthy to you both!! This will open up new sonic
universes! w00t
Thanks Todd, yours should arrive very soon w00t
Looks great. Good work. What banana sockets are you using? Where are they from?
The banana sockets are the standard Johnson / Cinch ones available from Mouser.
The gender changers are available from ebay.
All parts references are in the BOM
A built green one.

Just bought a pack of 4 thumbs up
If I only want to use for audio signals do I just bridge the led pads or can I leave it off completely?
Thanks, I'll ship tomorrow.

For audio, leave the LED and series resistor spots empty, don't bridge.

Like this

Mono :

Stereo :
Awesome thanks! These'll go great with my Bugbrand system thumbs up
Received my 4 boards yesterday thanks! They look great and delightfully simple. Planning on using a blank panel to build two with 3 banana ins and 1 1/4" out for audio only, then 2 more all bananas for CVs. Dumb question which I think I know the answer to - If i install the series resistor and LED I can still use for both audio and CV right?
Sorry for the late reply, I missed your question.

The LEDs are in parallel with the outputs. So you can use a TM with LEDs for both audio and CV signals but the LEDs won't light up with audio signals.
The lin pot course is not ideal for audio and log not for CV but it is still usable.

Black PCBs are now available
No problemo! Thanks for your response thumbs up
I finally got round to building one of these! Admittedly I built it behind an old pre-drilled and now unused blank panel as I wanted the big knobs to turn, so not quite as intended. But! It is a beautifully simple and wonderful pcb to build, I used 10kA pots for this one. Input one goes to out 1, input 2 goes to out 1+2 (2 knobs) and input 3 goes to out 2. Black banana for ground as id used up all the internal connections on this baby sized frame. probably going to build a double 3x1 audio mixer into a dual blank and one 3x1 dc mixer into a single blank for use with my 4 row bug system. Thanks for making these boards they're perfect!

That's a great idea, thanks for sharing ! thumbs up
Nice. I just bought a couple. Guinness ftw!
Great idea, now I know what to do with mine, thanks for sharing. Guinness ftw!
thumbs up
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