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Generative, dirty, jazzy, SynthVoice
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Author Generative, dirty, jazzy, SynthVoice
Here's a short work-in-progess snippet from a generative patch making two 100% SynthVoice sounds. Lots of other gear making CVs but the audio is SynthVoice from the ENVs at one end to the VCAs at the other. No FX on it yet.

I'm looking for a sound with "dirt" reminiscent of old electric pianos. The other goal is to get two generative lines to have some sense of jamming together. Eventually I'd like quirky percussion and some sort of beginning, middle, end structure. Any suggestions? Part of the trick here is that one of the two voices pretends to be more than one (you here it alone at the end of the snippet)

With SV's mixable waveshapes, folder/overdrive and a third oscillator available for FM there's plenty of ways to spice the voices.
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