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Advice on vol increase in Bass guitar pickups
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Author Advice on vol increase in Bass guitar pickups
Hoping someone has some advice as this has me stumped - never seen it before so dont know what to do.

Have a Encore bass I really like and its been behaving great for the 10-15ish years I have it. My mate plays Bass with me and I play guitar and lately our recordings have been peaking with bass and distorting the recording. This happened about a month ago and was never an issue before.

What is happening is he was playing finger style (hes usually a pick player) and when he goes up an octave its like the Bass overloads the pickup and the output distorts. As I say, we haven't had this before (or any issue with this guitar) in almost 20years of playing! So if hes playing A on the E string its fine but if he goes up to the 17th fret A it overloads - vol increase by 100% if not more.

I thought it might be an intonation issue and adjusted for such - but to no avail. Now I cant for 100% say the guitar hasn't been dropped (my guitars are outside my bedroom against the wall and I did knock em once in awhile - but nothing excessive) but the floor is carpeted. So would something have vibrated? A cap or something blown somewhere from falling/going up an octave and pushing too much bass for the pickup to handle?

Have to add we thought it was the interface, speakers, we DI'd the bass put it thru a RNC compressor, changed from Ultralite to 828 and tried 3 sets of speakers before discovering what was distorting the bass.

Any help greatly appreciated - this always just 'worked' and Im at a loss now it stopped working!

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The two most likely explanations are that a connection broke or a cap went bad. Dropping it could have knocked something loose. Although solder connections and capacitors often deteriorate with age.
Thank you very, very much for taking the time mate!

Caps and solder joints I can handle - will open it up and have a look.
I was just looking at new pickups and didnt realize they are like everything guitar really - replacements go from about €150 and up!

Thank you again.
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