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Why hello Music Easel (with a CV in question)
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Author Why hello Music Easel (with a CV in question)
I really wanted to take a Eurorack lunchbox on vacation (I’ve got around 45U of modules) next week but couldn’t find one. I looked everywhere including Three Wave Music which is 20 minutes from my house. I have a little Synthrotek but it’s too small and I’m still in an anti Synthrotek mood. Wait, did they actually have a music easel in stock? HUH?

I’m not a musician, I’m an artist and conceptual architect who works with sounds sometimes. I have no business with a keyboard. I bought an Arturia keystep months ago and haven’t touched it. An Easel is ludicrous for me. Still...

I drove up Thursday. The Music Easel had just come in and wasn’t out of the box yet. Sam wasn’t entirely sure I was legit and of course I knew I wasn’t legit. And yet, I played it immediately (granted, I’d watched Tood Barton’s intro video) and for 45 minutes. Ok, that was not what I expected for a new piece of equipment that is so keyboard oriented. I took out the credit card and paid. This thing is magic!

So now that it’s home, I feel like the keyboard is still incredible but I also want to integrate it into my system, allowing for more generative music... probably best to avoid negative voltages for creative purposes, but If I’m correct the Buchla 208 can handle those without damage and I can go ahead and plug Maths into it, correct?
Just get a CVGT-1 and be done with it.

Along with everything else it give you a quick way to connect the easel ground to the euro case. The keyboard can act weird if you don't do that.
I ordered it, but would have liked to experiment beforehand.

While theoretically you can just plug Maths into the Easel. You will always want to ground the two instruments together. There are ways to achieve this without the Synovatron CVGT1. But the CVGT1 make this experience much easier with the dedicated ground banana jack that goes straight to the Easels ground banana jack.

And yes, you are correct about negative voltages. Out of all the 200 series modules. The 208 is one of the ones that can receive and handle negative voltages with no issues. (verified by veteran Wigglers) The CVGT1 has a LED that will indicate when negative voltages are being output to the Buchla. When using the 208 you can safely use the Negative voltages with no issues. But I cannot speak for any other 200 or 200e modules. DO NOT SEND NEGATIVE VOLTAGES TO THE 218e Keyboard. Only the 208 module on the Easel can handle the negative voltages.

Keep in mind that Eaurorack voltages are lower than Buchla. So the Synovatron allows you to adjust the voltages as needed so you don't fry your Eurorack with a +15 volt Buchla signal. You can send any voltage from euro to the Easel. But not all voltages can be safely sent from the Easel straight to Euro. This is where the CVGT1 comes into play. The ability to scale the voltages to match that of the Buchla 1.2 volt per octave is really nice and allows for easy sequencing from Euro to Buchla. I use it to sequence my Easel with my Make Noise Rene.

If you are interested I have a series of Easel tutorials including one on the CVGT1. Hope they can be of use to you. You already mentioned watching Todd Bartons Easel introduction video. I highly recommend watching all of Todds videos. He is an incredible source of knowledge on anything Buchla. Especially the Easel. His series on Allen Stranges original patch diagrams is fantastic and I cant recommend it enough.




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