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LS3958 package differences?
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Author LS3958 package differences?
Maybe this belongs here, maybe not. Either way, for folks building Buchla format modules that employ an LS3958: has anybody seen a better likelihood of getting one with a relatively high Idss value by using one package or their other? It’s regularly available for a bit cheaper in soic package and one could easily use an adapter pcb to make it fit. Since it’s more affordable, it’s an easier pill to swallow when you have to buy a pile of them to find the suitable pieces. Or is the metal can version more likely to be inconsistent/outside of the median value? I emailed Linear Systems but once they found out that I was not a manufacturer and wasn’t going to buy these by the hundreds they ceased responding to my questions.
I can't answer your question as asked, but I can tell you that I bought 6 of the metal can type from and all of them had Idss > 3mA, to my surprise.
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