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3u left in my Buchla case. What modules would you recommend?
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Author 3u left in my Buchla case. What modules would you recommend?
Does anyone have any advice on how to fill my last 3u?

I am considering 266 heavily.

I plan to put 2 make noise maths in the buchla blade for my EG and more functions. Maybe some other neat modulation if I end up only needing the one maths.

I’m not a fan of incorporating Euro into the Buchla case as the real estate is so expensive. Additionally, the differing voltage standards can become vexing, as is dealing with adapters; not that I’ve ever used a Maths for this. Maybe it is exactly what you want. Instead, why not consider freeing up the space by adding a small Euro side-car?

Ideas for your next 3 panels:

I’m a fan of the classic Buchla 281e as it is elegant and powerful. Perhaps you could also consider the Northern Light Modular 2OC?

Definitely get either The 266e or the The 267e for a system of your size. The 266e is a triumph.

Depending upon where you’d like to go with your system, I’d consider a Buchla 250e , Buchla 251e , and/or one of the many available voltage processors on offer.

You would need to get a Preset Manager at this point in order to make your system more flexible, manageable, and tolerable.

To add to what Kent wrote, some flavor of Source of uncertainty is a given. This is such a fundamental aspect of a Buchla instrument, really sets it apart from other formats I think. I'd even say without this you don't yet have a Buchla.

As far as filling the other gaps -- what do you want your instrument to do?

The good news is you really can't go wrong. Everything brings joy, and if you want to make a switch it is easy to do via the market here at MW.


You Need a 281
281, 266, and either a 291 or 275 depending upon your needs.
definitely 266 and 281
I agree with 266e, and I think 281e is a must have.

really dig the 291 too.
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