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FH-2 firmware announcement thread
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Author FH-2 firmware announcement thread
This thread is where new firmware for the FH-2 will be announced.

Please post comments, requests etc. as new threads.
2/7/2018 - v1.1

* Added ability to control tap tempo from MIDI note or CC.
* Added the option to use an FH-1 as an expander.
* Arpeggiators now work with polyphonic MIDI/CV converters.
* USB (dis)connection now wakes the display from sleep.
* Fixed display of MIDI messages received on the DIN port in the MIDI history.
10/8/2018 - v1.2

* Added envelope generators to the MIDI/CV converters.
* Added new arpeggiator features: ability to add/remove notes in 'As Played' mode; ability to add rests in 'As Played' mode; new 'truncate' CC; ability to transpose both chromatically and in key; new 'auto-reset' parameter.
* Added 0-1V output range option (primarily for video synthesis module compatibility).
* Added 'Off Outputs' to the Euclidean pattern generators.
* Added 'Constrain rates' setting.
* Fixed upload of LFO Tempo-based Multiplier settings to the config tool.
* Fixed setting of negative global transpose amounts from the config tool.
17/8/2018 - v1.3

* Added support for the FHX-8GT Gate Expander.
* Added the ability to route MIDI between the FH-2's various MIDI ports.
* Arpeggiators now trigger the MIDI/CV converters' envelopes.
* Fixed a problem preventing use of the expected maximum of four USB MIDI devices attached to a hub.
* Fixed display corruption when adjusting the contrast setting.
7/11/2018 - v1.4

* Note: in this release the flash memory has been rearranged, meaning:
- The number of preset slots to is reduced to 30 (from 100). On installing this firmware update, the first 70 presets will be lost. If you need to keep any presets, copy them to slots 71-100 before installing the update.
- Any calibrations stored in flash will be lost when installing this update.
* Added support for USB HID (human interface device) gamepads and keyboards.
* Added support for microtonal scales using Scala.
* Added a per-MIDI/CV converter transpose.
* Added accents to the Euclidean pattern generators.
* Added a prototype command shell.
* Fixed a problem where DIN MIDI reception would fail if the FH-2 was being sent MIDI during boot.
* Fixed a problem with receiving DIN MIDI from certain devices (notably those by Elektron) which could result in stuck notes or notes being ignored.
Could it be possible to control Envelope depth with Velocity?

That would be very useful!
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