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FH-2 firmware announcement thread
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Author FH-2 firmware announcement thread
This thread is where new firmware for the FH-2 will be announced.

Please post comments, requests etc. as new threads.
2/7/2018 - v1.1

* Added ability to control tap tempo from MIDI note or CC.
* Added the option to use an FH-1 as an expander.
* Arpeggiators now work with polyphonic MIDI/CV converters.
* USB (dis)connection now wakes the display from sleep.
* Fixed display of MIDI messages received on the DIN port in the MIDI history.
10/8/2018 - v1.2

* Added envelope generators to the MIDI/CV converters.
* Added new arpeggiator features: ability to add/remove notes in 'As Played' mode; ability to add rests in 'As Played' mode; new 'truncate' CC; ability to transpose both chromatically and in key; new 'auto-reset' parameter.
* Added 0-1V output range option (primarily for video synthesis module compatibility).
* Added 'Off Outputs' to the Euclidean pattern generators.
* Added 'Constrain rates' setting.
* Fixed upload of LFO Tempo-based Multiplier settings to the config tool.
* Fixed setting of negative global transpose amounts from the config tool.
17/8/2018 - v1.3

* Added support for the FHX-8GT Gate Expander.
* Added the ability to route MIDI between the FH-2's various MIDI ports.
* Arpeggiators now trigger the MIDI/CV converters' envelopes.
* Fixed a problem preventing use of the expected maximum of four USB MIDI devices attached to a hub.
* Fixed display corruption when adjusting the contrast setting.
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