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what am i missing for live industrial and techno ?
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Author what am i missing for live industrial and techno ?
cross posting from "Play Out! Performance Modulars" since there hasn't been an update. If this thread should be deleted I understand.

Been working on this rack off and on for a few months while I still learn modular and wondering what I'm missing. My goal is to be able to play Industrial, dark trance and (mainly minimal) techno, but I don't think I'm sure what I want in a setup where I can make and arrange beats without using a computer.

My other question is how do people handle using triggers where you need multiple triggers using the same measures when most click dividers I've seen seem to always have one of each tempo instead of multiples of each tempo? How do you get around this? Purchase a clock module with multiple outputs? multiple clock sources?

Here is what I have so far:

I think I will be getting rid of the Clep Diaz as I haven't found much of a use for it, despite really liking everything else I've used from Noise Engineering.

Examples of what I am going for:

I think Circadian Rhythms or a Malekko Voltage Block would be a good idea, but if you have any other suggestions I would like to read about them.

Thanks for any help provided.
I finally ordered a Bastl Knit Rider and otherwise figure Circadian Rhythms is what there is for intentional, techno style beats programming at a decent price. Ive been studying them as best I can.

Really wish someone would make a standalone 16 steps in a row drum machine triggers only style thing that didnt cost $3000.

Excited to try Knit Rider though!
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