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Which Drumcomputer for my Eurorack?
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Author Which Drumcomputer for my Eurorack?
I am searching for a drumcomputer that I can be implemented easily in My modular system.
The target is to have a nice feasible drum-line that is easy to program.
Currently I am using this teenage engineering PO32 for this task. It works but the functionality is limited. And the output signal is to weak. And a serious kick is not possible with this device. Or perhaps I did not figure out how. ;-)
I have currently this Rack: and HP 16 space left.
I was actually thinking to get me a Bassdrum module. Something like the “Basimilus Iteritas Alter”.
But I am not sure if it fits to my current set up.

Any recommendations ?
The new kickdrum from ericasynth is very good. Soon to be released (this month).
Part of their pico system are very good too.
Their new drum sequencer is good too, but the circadian is very intersting for drum programming.
TipTop make very good drum module.

There're so many drum module. It depend on your music and how you make it.
Rastalien, for SOUNDS.. have a look at Delptronics LDB-2e and the expander.. LDB-2x. 12hp total, inexpensive, 808-ish with great diversity of sounds. For RHYTHMS, depending on your preferred style of music, look at Mutable Grids, Knight's Gallop or Zularic Repetitor to drive your drum sounds. This way, if you expand later, you can add more drum sound modules and/or more rhythm-producing modules and mix and match through patching. Also, if you are looking for punchy drums, you can send drum stems through something like the TRSHMSTR distortion/filter module. Third idea, if you don't mind tabletop synths, the Moog DFAM can do NIN-sounding kicks and a lot more with a generous patch bay... but, realistically kick, snare, hats is the most you'll squeeze out of it. Good luck with your decision and have fun with your music!
I just got a 2hp Kick module, and it is pretty impressive. You can get anything from a huge 808 booms, to a snappy IDM sounding clicks, to toms. Grab one of those and you'll still have 14 HP left to play around with.
Thanks for the replys.
I don’t mind a table top solution at all. Actuality i am thinking about getting a drum computer (something like Tanzbär or Elektron) but the programming process is far away from intuitivity.
To build me a modular drum unit seems like another heavy investment.
This problem with the Baseline is a topic what stands there since I stated wiggeling.

I will keep on searching.
Delptronics LDB2 w/ Expander and maybe a 2HP BD with it would be a versatile set with a lot of processing options for little space and money, as others have suggested. Great drum machine sounds.
Mfb tanzbar has been on my radar for quite some time 16 instruments with various cv, gates and clock as well as midi. Ive never had the chance to try one out in person so can’t commit to buying one on videos alone as there about £700
Nightly Closures
Tanzbar is great. I prefer to sequence it with an external sequencer, but it’s internal sequencer is usable. It’s a very flexible and fantastic sounding machine.
Does the tanzbar have a wide range of sounds available i only ever here sound bites of typical roland stuff as great as it is. Also what external sequencer do you use and how easy is it to set up? I like the idea of external sequencers swapped about quickly for differant situations
Nightly Closures
It most certainly covers the Roland sound (808/909). You’re able to sculpt one of kicks, the clap and snare quite a bit. I was able to use the BSP with it immediately. I’ve been using it with the engine for the past 1.5 years and I’m in heaven. It took a minute to figure out the sync, but that is more of a complaint about me than these products. The engine and the tanzbar both have learn functions. The sound quality is so damn good.
Might want to look into the Sonic Potion LXR with triggers out option.
Plenty to do with it and decently priced.
Hey Thanks again. I had the tansbär for quite a wile on my radar until I read the manual.... this thing is nothing for me. I have the feeling this is more a device for people how draw there pattens and program them after wards. I am more the kind of guy how works intuitive. ;-)
The “Sonic Potion LXR“ looks interesting.

I started on Modular grid with drawing my own.

In the last days I keep a eye on the Moog DFAM . A relay nice device but also a hard price for only one drum voice.
Another vote for Delptronics LDB-2e and the expander
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