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Strange Science Instruments
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Author Strange Science Instruments
Wiggly friends,

Has anyone heard anything, or used modules by Strange Science Instruments?

I really love their panel designs - super clean and professional - but I've never heard of this company. I searched MW and nothing seemed to come up.

Their prices seem a little on the high side, and I'm curious why that might be. Are they using top notch components? What is so special about these pretty modules?

I'm curious to hear feedback from anyone that has experiences with these.

This is fun!

Assume they are a new company as they only have two modules that were uploaded on modular grid a couple of days ago.

Their logo reminds me of NatGeo / History channel.

Looks great
I know nothing about the company, but that panel appears to have engraved and infilled markings on it, which don't come cheap.
Looking at the website, the 4 channel stereo Mixer/VCA looks interesting, and has a compelling set of features. The price is a bit steep, but if the quality is what they claim, I'd be interested in picking one up at some point. They don't seem to be in stock right now, though.
Looks like quality stuff but definitely out of my range. Also the mixer looks deeper than most modules.
The mixer is currently in stock at Perfect Circuit, and the filter is "coming soon."

I couldn't find any videos or discussion on the internet, so I uploaded both modules to modulargrid... I'm glad my secret plan to spark discussion worked! That filter looks pretty cool (and pretty expensive).
I saw these on modulargrid and immediately started drooling for that filter woah
I’d like to hear some audio demos too but the features and looks are so captivating that I might just order it as soon as it becomes available. Really curious about how that saturation stage sounds. Cutoff offset between the two filters looks interesting too. Time to bookmark that perfect circuit page!
Any news on these modules??? The filter seems REALLY intriguing to me. I really want a solid stereo filter and this seems like a great candidate.

I was gonna take the plunge but they are now sold out. Still hesitant though without hearing one demo.
Comparing the M-4 Stereo Mixer to the L-1 Stereo VC Mixer. It would be hard to improve on the L-1 for quality. But he M-4 has the edge on features, with channel outs, CV response switch, and the Pass Thru inputs for chaining. Of course the M-4 pays for these with HP. The L-1 has CV over the master out, where the M-4 doesn't.

What exactly is a dB/Volt response anyway? Is it just another term for exponential response?

I wonder how the CV range selection is done. Jumpers, perhaps? Having a 10 volt CV range might help the one situation that pesters me about the L-1, which is that the 5V for unity gain needs an external attenuator when used with envelope generators such as Maths which put out 8 volts.
Hi All,

I'm one half of the people (the engineer, specifically) behind Strange Science Instruments. I'm new to the forum but hope I can chime in on some of the discussion - especially the technical stuff.

The M-4 Stereo Mixer is based around 4 THAT 2162 dual VCA's. Most of the opamps are OPA1654's, and the final summing amp is an OPA4141. Each of the four channels has its own individual PCB which plugs in behind (perpendicular to) the main board - that's why the module is a little deep. The CV ranges are independently settable for gain and pan on each channel via DIP switches on the channel boards. The gain curve (wrt to CV/knob position) is selectable between dB (exponential) and linear, again independently for each channel.

The F-1 Stereo Filter similarly uses high quality components. For both products, the front panels are indeed engraved and infilled. The knob caps are solid aluminum. The PCBs are made in California and the SMT assembly is done in Oregon. The thru-hole stuff and final assembly, testing, etc. is done by hand, specifically by me and my partner/brother. We build these in small batches and we're pricing them as reasonably as we can.

You can see some high quality pictures of these on the website and hopefully at least the build quality comes through. We also have manuals for both products now on the website. Finally, both products should be in stock now (or very soon) at Perfect Circuit Audio in the States and Schneidersladen in Germany.

Would love to hear feedback from anyone who gets some time with one of our products!

Any possibility of audio demos for both products?
Hey everyone,

This is Leo--the other half of SSI. Thanks very much for the kind words about our products!

We will definitely have videos with high-quality audio showing the products in action. My plan is to start shooting these next week and have them up soon thereafter, so please stay tuned.

As my brother says, if you happen to be near Perfect Circuit Audio or Schneidersladen, we really recommend going there and getting your hands on our modules and hearing them with your own ears. If you don't live near these places, I'm in the process of getting more dealers set up with our products so hopefully you can find them at a dealer near you soon.

Thanks again for the kind words!
Hi again, everyone.

Just writing again to say that the videos are now up!

F1: Stereo Lowpass Filter Overview

M4: Advanced Stereo Mixer Overview

I also made a third video on my hobby channel (LeoMakes) about the making of these two modules. It's more about why and how we make modules, as opposed to "how to use" them. Some people might find it interesting:

Anyway, hope you enjoy these and like/subscribe to our channel!
Hi again everyone,

Just writing to let you know that DivKid just made a *TOTALLY AWESOME* video featuring our M4 Advanced Stereo Mixer! He makes some crazy sounds that even I didn't know you can make with this mixer.

Anyway check it out!

Also, DivKid is also doing a video for the F1 Stereo Lowpass Filter that should be out in a week or two.

Any plans for sends and returns on the mixer?
Has anyone used the filter?
Specifically, being Moog style, is it volume compensated or does it suffer a large volume drop as resonance is applied?
pines wrote:
Any plans for sends and returns on the mixer?

Actually, you can do this already! In fact, our method for sending and returning signals lets you have CV control over the send amount which--to my knowledge--isn't available anywhere else.

To see how to set this up, have a look at Page 9 ("Scenario 4") of the M4 User Guide:

If you prefer watching a video over reading manuals, take a look at the recent DivKid video. He uses our CV controllable send setup several times in his example patches (he walks you though how to do it, too):

Hope this helps!
FrogStar wrote:
Has anyone used the filter?
Specifically, being Moog style, is it volume compensated or does it suffer a large volume drop as resonance is applied?

The volume does drop as resonance is applied. We don't do anything to compensate for this.
Thanks Leo,

I was thinking that the pass through was a direct output, rather than an input.
Really cool feature!
FrogStar wrote:
Has anyone used the filter?
Specifically, being Moog style, is it volume compensated or does it suffer a large volume drop as resonance is applied?

The volume does drop as resonance is applied. We don't do anything to compensate for this.

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