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ES-3 + ES-5 with Reason 10
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Author ES-3 + ES-5 with Reason 10
I've got an ES-3, ES-5, a MOTU 16A audio interface, Silent Way and Reason 10 running under Windows 7 64bit.

Has anyone had any luck sending gate/clock/trigger signals from Reason to the ES-5 using the Silent Way VST plugins?

I started by trying the SW Sync plugin in ES-5 mode but Gate 1/1 wouldn't come out the ES-5. Gate 1/2 would come out the first ES-5 jack but Gate 1/3 would come out jacks 1 & 2.

I'll be trying the ES-5 Controller next but I Want to make sure I'm not wasting my time.

I have no problems using the same configuration from Ableton Live to control my modular and I have a pretty good understanding of Reason, routing and the Silent Way plugins.

BTW, SW Sync and the other SW plugins I've tried work just fine if going to ES-3 just not the ES-5.
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