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Power Plugs for External Power Supply (5U)
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Author Power Plugs for External Power Supply (5U)
Hi there

Im building an external power supply for a friend and need a solution to the plugs used for the power. The cases he has have the 3 Pin Mike/CB Screw-on plugs. Im having a problem finding the 3 pin FEMALE chassis mounted plugs for the power's outputs.

Does anyone know where to get these? If not what would you suggest I use as an alternative solution?
Female chassis mount Multi-Pin Mobile connector would be an odd duck.

I would re-design with the cable permanently connected to the power supply and use the readily available Female inline and a male chassis mount on the driven unit or units.

Minute-man electronics carries a good supply at fair prices and ships fast.
They also carry both a cheap and better version in all std pin counts.
Male Chassis Socket,3 Pin
Multi-Pin Mobile Connector
Philmore 61-623

Please don't use XLR.
Female chassis mount will be hard to find. If you don't want the PSU pins exposed then why not just hard wire and use a grommet for cable retention and maybe a robust cable clip? I'd for sure use female cable ends to so you don't short the PSU. FYI I get mine from I was happy with the quality of their CB connectors.
Graham Hinton
srfnsmy wrote:
If not what would you suggest I use as an alternative solution?

If you really need a power connector then don't choose from any audio connector, especially one meant for microphones.

Firstly, what currents and length of cable are you talking about? That will determine the cable and connector.

Secondly, is it for a portable system? That will narrow the choice down.
Rex Coil 7
Bulkhead mount welding cable connectors. Laugh all you want, they do not fail, they provide superior connection, they're field serviceable, and you may use simply massive interconnection cable sizes (or smaller cables, even the smallest gauge welding cable ... which is #4 cable ... is INFINITELY better than 18ga wire ... it would take a good number of parallel runs of 18ga wire to equal a single run of #4). And Class K #4 welding cable uses 406 strands of 30ga wire ... this makes for HIGHLY flexible cables, nearly as floppy as rope. OD of #4/K cable is only 0.400" which includes the insulation.

I use #1/0 cable in my own system - 1,025 strands of 30ga flexible copper wire, 0.560" OD, and still very flexible.

This image is of 24ga "hookup wire" ... next to 16ga wire ... next to #1/0 Class K cable.

Then again, you may compromise if you wish. However, remember that there are good ways of doing things, then there are compromises.

seriously, i just don't get it
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