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Vintage CV controlled 19" FX?
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Author Vintage CV controlled 19" FX?
I was searching on the net for cv controlled 19" vintage FX units. Imo all in the euro300/350 range. There some potential's but,
what are the "don't and do's" of these units?

Bel BP-10 Phaser
Bel BF-20 Flanger
Dynacord SRS56
Dynacord TAM-19
Dynacord TAM-21

Suggestions are welcome smile

Edit: broken links deleted
i think there was a Mutron Digi. delay with some cv option.
it's kinda rare though.
the MXR Pitch Transposer (the original one) has a CV in.
honestly, there are so many older delays or other fx from the 80's with cv inputs its hard to list them all.

There are tons of digitech racks (I believe the entire RDS line) that have VCO inputs for modulation of delay times.

MXR has some digital delays with CV inputs too.

Ibanez digital delays from the 80's too

So most cheap guitar fx racks from 80s...
Be sure to check out the digitech ones. They are delays with CV inputs for lots of the functions and these run really cheap. Its common to find these between $25-50 on craigslist.
Lexicon MPX1 takes 0-5v, obviously not vintage could maybe considered a veteran though.
I use a Bel BD-80 (the old mono one) and a Deltalabs Effectron II, sounds fun to have say hi-hats flanging with a sequence, or you can just go crazy and have some random shit going lol
Klark Teknik DN-34
Fab device.
A good rule of thumb is to just feed your signal through a completely closed attenuator or VCA and adjust until you get the level you want.
Chuck E. Jesus
3vcos wrote:
honestly, there are so many older delays or other fx from the 80's with cv inputs its hard to list them all.

i have an Effectron and a Loft (analog as far as i can tell), there's been a Peavey up at my local used shop for at least six months...
Forgot to say: i like analog more than digital.

Although... razz
except an UE400/405 and VRS23 it's overall digital: Boss SX700, Digitech studio quad + 400 & Ibanez DM100.

The units in the first post are some future upgrade thoughts and should be replacementcandidates for most of my Pearl stompboxes plus digital FX.

Morley wrote:
Klark Teknik DN-34
Fab device.

This one looks very nice, thanks for the tip thumbs up

All aux' does have an mixer channel for themself.
Your tip is very usefull for FX without an aux channel thumbs up
Dynacord TAM-21 is an incredible piece of gear! sometimes i use it's LFO along with Sherman or MS-20, but TAM is also great as a sound generator itself - just patch its outputs into inputs.
I think this is the right thread for this question. I have a friend with DeltaLab Effectron II unit. It has a "control" input on the backup, which is described as a "Ext. VC Control" (see link for pdf of sales brochure) atalog.pdf

What I don't know is "what is the expected value of this input?
0-5v? +/-5v? 0-10?
does anyone have the manual which might have this info?
Roland RSS Flanger, RSS Phaser
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