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Eventide H9 Review - as synth processor (100% guitar-free)
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Author Eventide H9 Review - as synth processor (100% guitar-free)
The H9 is not a new product but synth-centric pedal demos are still few in number compared to guitar ones. Some inspiring stuff for this H9 owner. Loopop has been killing it lately with his videos.

I'm thinking of picking one up again, used to have it for guitar, but for synth it would be amazing. Anyone see some recent Suzanne Ciani videos? She has the 2 H9's in a custom rack mounted case. Pretty awesome.
I saw her play at Kennedy Center in DC a few months ago, but wasn't aware of the H9s.

They should be a great fit for synths because of the extensive MIDI implementation. You can for example use a MIDI sequencer to sequence a pitch shift interval.
There's a great new Buchla module (actually a couple) from Northern Light Modular centred around the H9. Modulation points for all the knobs.
Great unit! Bought one a year ago, and didn't have the time yet to really explore it.
Have an H9 Max and a regular H9 and love using them, especially when interfacing with my iPad or iPhone. I also have a standalone unit to control effect parameters. Sometimes I reach for my more dedicated effect pedals but these are so much fun to play around with.
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