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Polivoks CV/Gate Mod Problems
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Author Polivoks CV/Gate Mod Problems
Hello there!
I am attempting to modify my recently bought polivoks with CV and Gate and I am running into a few problems here.
I thought this would be easy if i just follow the instructions posted on , but it seems like it isn't.

Gate does work now, but CV still doesn't. I attached some pictures with a little colorcode as I didn't make my own PCB.
I also changed one of the diodes, V4, as it was broken. I exchanged it with 1N4148 which according to one user here is the same.
I also experience another problem, which the diode replacement didn't fix (I hoped it would): everytime i change a note on the keyboard, you hear the previously played note for just a short moment. This only is a problem when playing with fast attack but it is really annoying. Did anybody experience something like this? It seems a little like glissando is never 100 percent off.

Comparing my Y1 plate with the one posted on the website it also looks like I have a different Polivoks version. Does this maybe affect the points where I solder the daughter PCB to?

Hope somebody can help, many thanks.

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