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LP HP Filter
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Author LP HP Filter
Hi guys,

I'm trying to build a LP HP resonant Filter unit. This will have an RCA streo input and RCA output to be connected in my dj setup and it also has to have a variable resonance. Can anyone point me out to some schematics. Many thanks
There are plenty if you search a bit.

Looking at what you’re asking for you will need 2 sets of filters - one for each channel. A lot of the filters people here might recommend are designed for synthesisers and will have functions you won’t need. Eg voltage control or keyboard tracking. This will simplify the design a lot. But your design could get more complex as I’m assuming you’ll want the LP & HP section to work at the same time.

I would also think where you want the filters to go, on the output of your mix or as an insert etc. I would use some type of limiter as well because some sound systems and punters ears won’t appreciate resonating filters squealing over your normal output levels.
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