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Tips on keeping organized and backed up
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Author Tips on keeping organized and backed up
I've been doing a lot of my production in the box these days (with only a couple pieces of hardware) and I'm at a point where I need to take organization and backups seriously.

I'm looking for tips from you all on how to best organize my Ableton sessions, personal sample libraries, and personal/original midi clips. Organization from an archival purpose to make production more efficient, but also to make sure my work gets preserved.

Also, what are people doing with back-ups these days? Backblaze? Dropbox? AWS? physical drives?

I'm a bit wary of automated disc back-ups, but maybe I need my mind changed.

Thanks in advance! I'm really looking for what people think is working well for them right now, in practice -- not just random inexperienced advice

git works well for backups, and has the advantage of allowing multiple users to push/pull/merge edits they have made, or allow you to work on the same folders from multiple computers. It can be a bit intimidating though.

I have found that Ableton's ability to pull stems from other project files in the project master folder is helpful. I have independent projects for sound design that I then pull stems to my compositional projects - this allows me to streamline sound design and maintain more cohesion.

Personal sample library management is a pain, and there is no cure that I am aware of. Especially when dealing with loops, which often have key signatures, harmonic ideas, tempos, and other information associated with them.
Not much to contribute, though definitely interested. I've been diving in to Renoise recently, and it's amazing what coming back around to software with some hardware experience is like. Coupled with how much faster processors are now, I can see so many benefits to working itb.

Renoise is great in one aspect that it packages all samples and project data into a neat .xrns file. Can't speak to Live, but when I use Reaper I find it best to save each project to it's own folder to keep all associated project files together.

I have started approaching a filing system similar to my professional (non-audio) work, mainly including the date in the file name, as well as starting to have folders for various concepts (sketches, learning, songs, etc).

My "Samples" folder is a mess though. hihi I can't be bothered to go through every pack and separate out each file, so I usually just chuck them in and have a very loose structure of folders.

Regarding back-ups, it seems like storage is so cheap now (and transfer speed being so much faster) that having a whole drive dedicated to projects and samples, then backing-up that in it's entirety would be the simple approach.

Looking forward to reading more sage wisdom.
multiple hard drives. Karen's Replicator
Please, figure out a backup plan and implement it immediately.

I do a lot of personal tech support, and one of my pet peave calls is when someone's HD has gone south and they don't have a backup. Yes, maybe your stuff can be recovered, but it's going to cost a fortune and take a long time. And any kind of backup plan would be cheaper in the end.

What I use a macbook pro with a 2TB ssd, and an attached drobo raid device for external storage. The macbook pro is backed up to 2 separate redundant 2 TB hard drives with Time Machine, and these drives get replaced once a year. The whole thing (macbook pro and the drobo) is also backed up to Crash Plan Small Business. I also have another 2TB HD that I use to clone the MBP to as a bootable drive (using SuperDuper), but am kind of lazy about doing that regularly.
For me, local work drives = RAID
backup to Sonology NAS via ethernet
offsite backup to raw drives using a DOCK

For access/audition to sample/sound library I use SoundMiner Pro
Basehead is another good option & AudioFinder is a good cheap option (but doesnt have proper database/metadata management)
The $99 / year Dropbox solution works for me. Save stuff in a folder, magically it all works and I have access to everything from my phone. Money well spent, and Dropbox is a godsend when doing anything collaboratively with someone else.
I just save in appropriately named folders and copy them to external hard drives. Don't care for cloud storage and passwords.
An awesome (though pricey) solution if you have gigs and gigs to deal with is a FreeNAS server with a tape drive.
It’s like having Dropbox in your home, but so much faster.
LTO tapes keep multiple gigs on a $6 tape, so you can keep versioned backups and toss them in a fireproof safe or a safe deposit box.
Problem is LTO drives are stupid Never maintain cash savings again
The old rule is it’s not really backed up until you have a copy in a different physical location.
Definitely more of a hardcore solution though. Hard drives are cheap.
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