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Which multimeter?
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Author Which multimeter?
Mr D
Hey folks,

So i want to start messing around with electronics.

I guess the first thing i'll need is a multimeter.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I guess price range is up to around 150 euros.

Although less is also ok if it gets the job done!

fluke 115
Really happy with my brymen 867s, 149 eur
+1 for the Brymen BM867s, recently bought
Altitude909 wrote:
fluke 115


These things are super accurate, will do anything you need, and are incredibly robust. If a new one is out of your price range, buy one used on ebay or whatever - it'll still be like new.
love the 115 - it was my primary meter for years - just recently picked up an 8v (even more capable / precise) it's almost 2x the cost retail, but can often be had on the cheap on eBay. I paid 200 for mine...
This is my tool guide:
Altitude909 wrote:
fluke 115

Love mine, got it from a pawn shop for cheap.
In the ~$150 price range you're going to have a hard time finding anything better than a Fluke 115, aside from a 117. However personally I think the 115 sort of straddles a middle ground between basic and precision, whereas needs tend to fall on one side or the other rather than in the middle. If you're building synth modules from projects others have already designed the 115 will be overkill, and if you reach a point where it isn't you may need something a step above.

Personally I think the ExTech EX330 is a fantastic beginner multimeter. ~$40 for something that will still manage to be more than you need for nearly any pre-existing DIY project, even handling things like temperature and MHz frequency measurement. I used one to tune up a reflow oven profile awhile ago for example. Once you start needing more than the EX330 (designing your own switch-mode supplies, four-terminal sensing, 6 1/2 digits, etc) then you might as well go premium with something a full head and shoulders above.
Mr D
Thanks all, i just ordered a Fluke 115.

Only thing is, it doesn't come with any cables (as far as i can tell).

Could anyone tell me: just to get started, is this all i'd need:


Or do you have a better suggestion?
It should come with cables, at least mine did
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