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Ultra-Ultra Thin Skiff
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Author Ultra-Ultra Thin Skiff
Hey guys, I seem to have trouble finding an answer wherever I've looked. I have a Qu-Bit Contour (23 mm depth) and a Sputnik Modular Touch Keyboard (20 mm depth). Together they are 104 hp wide. I want a really really thin skiff for the two that I can carry with me with minimal clunkiness. The skiffs I see are all for modules with max module depth of 50 mm or so. Normally that's great, but it hurts me in this case. Do you know of anyone that sells a super-thin skiff with power, or do I have to find someone to do it custom (I don't have the tools for a DIY project)? Thanks!
this case is 20 mm
but i dont know if it is posible to buy only the skiff
sorry the qu-Bit is 23 mm to big screaming goo yo
Make your own. This is one of the first I made and it was just as deep as the Scroff rails I used. I had to make a custom ribbon cable that connected to the modules for power since there was so little room in the back. The back panel was thin sheet of formica that slid into the channels of the rails itself. The power supply was remote thru a multi-pin din connector.

Now I have these that I made with metal extrusions and perforated panels bought online (cut to size from and they are a little under 2"(50mm) deep inside. I have also made a couple that are 3" deep inside (76mm). They are very sturdy but need a gig bag or case (I put them in a pelican case) to travel.

The Submodular Shadow looks like it might be perfect, if you're okay with a 6U:

It has 40mm of clearance above the power supply.
The version with the acryl side panels look awesome!

Congrats, Ersatzplanet!
Thanks for the replies all. I'm still unsure about assembling one as ersatz suggested, but I think that's the most likely route. Does anyone know of anyone that makes custom skiffs and about what prices they are?
Dunno if it's too deep at 43mm, but the Frap Tools Plus looks low profile to me. Plus the case itself is modular!
kasey84 wrote:
Thanks for the replies all. I'm still unsure about assembling one as ersatz suggested, but I think that's the most likely route. Does anyone know of anyone that makes custom skiffs and about what prices they are?

Are you planning on using this skiff for other modules at some point in the future?

If not (and I realize you said no DIY, but....), you could do a really simple DIY build from wood and screw the modules in place, rather than use the more elaborate rails.

Something like this (very coarse mockup):

It's basically just five pieces: 2 endplates (grey), 1 backplate (brown) and 2 beams(?)/rails (beige). Depending on the level of finishing, this would cost about 1 or 2 hours to make and next to nothing in materials.

I'd build you one, but seeing as I am in The Netherlands, maybe ask a local carpenter to help out? Just a thought. smile
I have a Frap Tools plus - for sale actually - because it's very shallow indeed! Once you get the modules in as well a ribbon cables, there's very little room inside. Also, quite beautiful - probably the nicest looking skiff out there right now.
I ran into an old post by ersatzplanet about his making these cases and it totally resonated with me.

Old post

I was going to post this there but here goes, here....... hmmm.....
I recently bought a bunch of 30" vector rails (150 hp).
When I found this thread I suddenly saw the way forward.

So I went about drawing up a solution in a CAD program.
I could not figure a way to fit a PSU, the power transformer was always too tall and I did not want to use a switchmode PSU
A transformer that is big enough is about 54 mm tall.
So I ended up buying some 4" aluminum angle.

This may not look like an Ultra-thin skiff, as the thread title explains but with 150 hp width it still has an aspect ratio that is pleasing.
And, this means that I can fit the odd tall module (2 hp burst, intellijel 1U digiverb and TTA one).

A seen in the picture, it takes a 4” deep case to [comfortably] fit the torroidal transformer (left) and linear power supply (right).
I also want to leave room for magnetic shielding (not shown) above the transformer.

I have 2 LIBB buss boards (center of above picture) and at first I want to make a 150 hp Mutable Instruments case.
This is the rack that I am building, modeling it after one of the racks in the "old post" referred to above.
I am trying to make a larger version of my Intellijel 7U X 104 hp case full of M I modules.
I also want to be able to fit a Frames and a Shelves module (the ones I do not yet have).

I was torn between building a very thin rack, and one that would fit an internal PSU.
Using Mutable Instruments modules it would fit in a rack only 50 mm thick, or even less, but I do not want to have a remote linear PSU or a "Meanwell" solution for power.
Rows 1 and 3 (the MI modules) only need maybe 30 or 35 mm of depth if you really want to squeeze them in.
So the case that I will be building is almost 4" thick. (actually 98 mm)
As shown in the "old post" instructions, I bought 4"X 4" 6063 Aluminum angle and 4"X 0.250" Aluminum "EXTRUDED RECTANGLE" for the end plates of the case.
I am using a 12" wide piece of 0.062" thick 6061 for the bottom instead of perforated metal.
I also need to mill the Aluminum angle to 95 mm tall on one side, the end plate will stay 101.6 (4") tall.

I must admit that I am a machinist, working in a research laboratory with a large machine shop in house and what I am doing may be beyond some peoples skill set,
but it is not all that complicated or hard to do.

I will post a picture when I complete this case.
Also, before all of the posts telling me that the case does not have enough utilities or needs some other kind of modules to be useful,
this case will sit on a large table with 4 or 5 other cases full of everything euro and I am not afraid to patch "across cases"

For now,

This rack on Modulargrid
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