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Es4, tracking, midi keyboard
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Author Es4, tracking, midi keyboard
I am very close from going back to the shop and give my ES4 back. I have been running the kenton pro midi to cv converter to control my SH101 and ProOne. The tracking via my midi keyboard is working perfectly. When i change octave on the midi keyboard or when i input midi notes on ableton, the synth responds correctly and plays the note accurately (a C2 plays a C2 on the synths).

I went down the route of using ES4 to control the SH101 and ProOne. I plugged everything and it is working fine BUT i cannot use the midi keyboard in the same way i use the kenton pro. When i change octaves on the midi keyboard and go down in C0, both synths dont do any noise. When i play a C2 on ableton, the synthesizers play a C4.

Now you will tell me this is due to calibration, well this is what i have been doing after reading countless posts regarding this issue....I simply put a ES4 controller plugin and normally it is all factory calibrated. It doesn't work. I also tried the voice controller, in ES4 mode. Same thing. It doesnt work properly. The only way i managed to somehow get more octaves is to increase the 'Min and Max' values under the Midi 1 and the Midi 2 in ES4 plugin.

Bare in mind that i have two instances of the plugin on the same track, one with Midi 1/Chan 1 and Midi 2/OFf.... and another one with Midi 1/off and Midi 2/Chan 1.

I tried to change the Pitch in the Voice controller to 0.5 (instead of 1) to get more tracking but then each note on the midi keyboard sound weird.

Now....what am i trying to achieve ?

I just want to be able to use my midi keyboard 25 keys normally to control my synthesizers in the same way the Kenton Pro does. I also want to be able to play C0 without having to change the pitch on my synth itself. Why is this not working like the Kenton ?
I found this post... s=0&postorder=asc&start=25

Could it be that i have a similar problem ?
I will try that tonight. .... found this on google.

In Ableton, put the ES-4 plugin on one MIDI track, with the module's default pitch-pitch-gate-gatevelocity assignments playing on outputs 1-5 via the track's Ext Out, SPDIF channels 9/10. In the ES-4 software, to assign the respective pitch/gate pairs to different parts of the keyboard (or the MIDI clip's piano roll), select "1" as the Channel for MIDI/CV 1 and MIDI/CV 2, and assign notes 48-71 on MIDI/CV 1 and notes 72-108 on MIDI/CV 2 (or however you want to split it). If a gate expander is attached to the ES-4 on Output 5 (see below), VEL(ocity), normally set for Output 5 by default, should be turned off for both MIDI/CV 1 and MIDI/CV 2.
Where is OS :( ?
Summer holiday, the two weeks a year I turn off Muffs. smile

Did I not just reply on another thread?
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