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[interest check] Joysticks...should we do another run?
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Author [interest check] Joysticks...should we do another run?
sold some 15 joysticks a year ago. sold 10 joysticks the year before that. here is the old thread with all the information about the project.

I have 4 panels in stock but no analog joysticks. I have enough of the two green PCB's to last a lifetime. it is a sad time in my life when I can hang my eurorack hat up and walk away. I do however have a lot of scraps left that I should probably sell.

either we get 4 pre-orders for eurorack analog joystick kits or we can get 20+ orders for eurorack joystick kits and I order more panels. the two green PCB are good for any format +/-12v or +/-15v if you make your own panel. I need to get 20 people if am going to order more black eurorack panels. If any panel makers would like to make some kind of profit sharing deal I would be open to discussing that. if anyone wanted to buy ALL my remaining stock and a license to sell my designs I would be fine with that as another option.

please post here in the thread if you would be interested in some kind of group buy, pre-order, business buyout or panel purveyor collaboration.

I also have 2HP jack mults as pcb + panel, full kits, fully assembled. from 1 to 100 units. we can combine shipping. I can supply the joystick part for other joystick kits from other brands that fit the standard omter drill hole layout.
O hey!
nice to see you back at it again.
I have this joystick in my rack since the first run. Some interesting features and comfortable to use.
I can get two of those panels but you were asking for lots for each last time I asked you
I sell the kit for $50 + ship. I just can't sell the panels cheap. It would be a mistake. I have prices on my website. The price is the price. When you order high quality panels quantity = 40, you pay a lot and you wait 3 years to get them sold. I can make more money on the stock market than selling eurorack with very small investments.

I do need to thank everyone that has spent money buying my stuff. I don't want to sound ungrateful. My biggest mistake was not starting the business with $10K. I started with $400 and I'm down to $0. The competition is difficult. Eurorack has a lot of players.
I have 3 panels left. if we can get 3 pre-orders then I will order exactly 3 joysticks from omter. if anyone wants the omter part and would like to get in on the group buy, the price is $40 free shipping world wide (no panel or PCB). the joystick kit is still $50 + ship but only 3 available and it is a pre-order only.
closing the store and closing at some point in the future. I need the $30 a month for food. I sold one panel and PCB set this month. time to give up and move on. I will be selling PCB's for video game accessories, USB peripherals, power automation, temperature logging, IOT, computer fan controllers, sata back plane, debugging interposers, and jtag / ISP programmers. all in due time.

this is not the end of PCB design from me. I am just done with eurorack. too many people ruined it by undercutting each other. customers ruined it by exploiting open source projects for profit. you should support companies that hire a lot of employees. you should support expensive products. the product design by democracy is what is killing eurorack. you do not need more diversity in eurorack. you do not save money spending 2 hours building something that can be done by a robot in 30 seconds. I see DIY as a boycott of real manufacturers. besides that, no one here is really doing DIY like it was in 1999. that was the real DIY. everything on this forum is a money grab that takes away market share from companies that produce things that are way more valuable to the end user musician.

soldering hobbyists, you are inhaling heavy metals. forget it. buy intellijel, doepfer and WMD. if someone wants to build eurorack modules as a career, you should start working with like minded people in a real professional environment at a real company. the trope of the PCB salesman one man show is just an easy way for people to avoid social interaction. it is a way to get money without challenging yourself further. now that I know that, I see it for what it really is.


P.S. I do really like the shopify platform though. I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in starting an online store with credit card merchant account + SEO features.
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