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2018 NAMM Oddities - Guitars
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Author 2018 NAMM Oddities - Guitars
The 2018 edition of NAMM Oddities is up. Amusing comments, wacky guitar pics, etc. - all the stuff we've come to expect.
Ack! Yes, summer namm is a hell hole of weird guitars - there are so many, you get numb to them. This is the first year I didn't go, due to scheduling problems. Last year they made it easy for this guy - someone went around and collected (curated, he called it) all the weird ones and put them in a special booth.
They did that this year as well but they were all very expensive.

I left feeling imprees d by Nutter Guitars and G&L.
I only went to NAMM once, as a guest of Stick Enterprises, back when I owned a Stick. Maybe that's why "hell" is not a word I associate with NAMM - that's something I hear more from the guys that have gone every year for 20+ years.

The oddball stuff was definitely one of my favorite aspects of my one NAMM experience. Ok, my buddy and I enjoyed laughing at some of the over the top stuff like the 11-string Warrior Bass with the super pointy body. But I thought some stuff was cool too. I've always admired Malinoski, and the Alquier stuff looks cool too - the world doesn't need more Fender/Gibson copycats.

Surprised to see Klein getting back into electric guitars. I thought he was done with them for good. I briefly owned a Steinberger because of Michael Hedge's work on a Klein harp guitar and the lovely work he did using a TransTrem.
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