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Super n00b question for DIY passive mixer / attenuators
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Author Super n00b question for DIY passive mixer / attenuators
Sorry in advance about the daft question.

I found this here somewhere (thanks synthnoise!)

& I'm trying to figure out the parts I need, my local electronics retailer is useless & nothing is where it should be so I don't want to buy bits there. Anyway, for the resistors / pots in that diagram are these what I need;

& for a simple passive attenuator do I use "1 channel" of that? or just the pot? I gather from other stuff I've seen for simple 4 into 1 mixer I don't need the pots, just the resistors help

If any Aussie DIYers have any tips for good places to source parts that would be great!

yeah i think that is cool
resistors are correct
pots marked with D mean log (i think)

if it is for audio you will just want some 50-100k log pots , if it is for control currents you will want linear

i would recommend getting an active mixer tbh
you can buy cheap active mixer boards from ken stone (who is in australia) for nada
lin/log! gotta remember that!!! d'oh!

The passive mixer idea was just a quik & easy way of adding a few CVs together, I have a Blacet Quad Mix VCA in the Frac rack so mixing audio is all good... for now hihi

I've had a scan of Ken Stones site, once I get abit more confident with teh DIY I will have a more serious look.

Need to get my head round the DIY page on the doepfer site & work thru a few bits & pieces there. I pulled the face plate off a dodgy behringer patchbay so I have a neat little 'breadboard' panel-mount 19" rack strip to play with once I build up abit of a shopping list.

Thanks for the help.
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