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Aries Verb ( need help)
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Author Aries Verb ( need help)
need help in many ways: ( OSX 10.11, live10 ) ( i have the purchased version from 2018)

1. how can i save my own preset ? it has never worked ¨the best i got was to save the "alien resonator" preset under a new Name, just that the old preset was saved, not my tweaked one.
....and thast even looking like quite some success now vs. what i got out the last weeks. Nada ! can´t save something new.

2. there is no way to map some controller knobs to the Aries reverb ?
i can´t figure out anything........
ok, and i have no endless crashes. easily 50 crashes in 5 minutes or so. ...going direction 100 in 10.

went now deeper than ever bevore with my edits. i.e. Matrix, filter and I-O page.
the point is: i use the ariesverb "dynamically" and not statically by leaving a prest as is.
seems there are certain settings that this VST isn´t liking.

The parameters i play dynamically the most are the global "timebase" and the individual times for the single delay lines.

any feedbacks in this regard would also be much appreciated.
nobody ?

all ariesverb users here gonne ?
or do you think i just asked the obvious ?
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