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All purpose DIY news, rumors, and speculation thread
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Author All purpose DIY news, rumors, and speculation thread
A thread like this doesn't exist yet does it?

Anyone know when Bastl and Befaco kits will be restocked? Most of their stuff is sold out everywhere.

Is there a euro version of the Teezer in the works? Will it be DIY?

Should makenoise make the schematics for the QMMG available? Why/why not?

Will uglysound ever offer another panel, 4U or otherwise?

I can answer the last one. I'm always working on stuff, and someday I will probably offer another design or two. I dig the loudest warning 4Urack standard. In the meantime, I'm enjoying building when I have time, and finally getting back into making music.

Ok, nobody cares about uglysound. Who's got something to say about the other stuff?
I thought there was a euro version of the teezer. I know Elby was working on it, and Bridechamber before that, and possibly even Ian was involved. Maybe Ian can weigh in on it?
sduck wrote:
I thought there was a euro version of the teezer. I know Elby was working on it, and Bridechamber before that, and possibly even Ian was involved. Maybe Ian can weigh in on it?

I thought I remembered something being mentioned in the modular synth general discussion section, so I just did a search and found this tidbit:

frijitz wrote:
Navs wrote:
I got to hear a dual Teezer (Loudest Warning/ Serge format) this week - lovely!

Is there any more information you can give us on the new Euro version, Ian?

Glad you liked it! Kits for the second beta testing version are out. I'm hoping to get mine built built up this week.


And then there's this from a recent thread (emphasis added by me):

frijitz wrote:
Haralds:Werk wrote:
I started to work on a Teezer VCO based on the documentation from Ian Fritz, March 2010. First goal is putting all parts on a max 10x10cm PCB and get it running. From there I want to explore a deeper understanding on how it works. And then may be make some changes. The power distribution with looks quite complicated with the different nets. And I want or try different OpAmps as well. The main goal is to build a version with the PCB's stacked and in parallel to the front panel.

But here is my question:

Is it OK to post schematics and layouts here in the forum? The original is from Ian Fritz and all credits go to him. I don't want to offend anyone or brake some rules. This is a strictly DIY project. No commercial interest.

Hello, and thanks for the interest!

I have decided to no longer protect this version of the design, as it is out of production. So have at it. Please keep us informed on your progress, and feel free to ask any questions.

The power traces were separated, and subregulated power sources were used to try to minimize crosstalk, especially coupling with the modulation source.

Additionally, I suggest adding 470pF caps across the LM311 inputs.


Possible improvements to be included in the upcoming version?

I know that I could just PM or email Ian for more information, but I thought a thread like this might be a bit of silly fun and/or source of information.
I was actually eyeing the two Uglysound panels that Dennis (I think?) was selling together with PCBs on Facebook. I'm lucky I don't have any spare cash right now. The selection of modules is pretty superb, congratulations for that.

However, Dual Teezer in LW format is something I would kill for (well, not literally, but you get the point). I've been thinking about a "real VCO" for the up and coming LW system I'm slowly putting together, and while the Flexwave is on the top of the list, I already have one in another system and the Teezer is one of the designs I've always wanted to try out. So... Where does one sign up?

(Well, yeah, possibly by PMing Ian, but more like, I hope those will be available for general public soon together with LW panels!)
LW dual teezer already exists er-vco-for-a-musician

Maybe contact the bad producer if you want a panel?
Ah, only now I noticed the talk was about Euro version and not LW, should read things twice or thrice after a not-so-good night's sleep.

I guess I could even draw the panel myself if it comes to that, but the availability of Teezer PCBs seems to be a problem. Or does someone actually still offer them? I've checked Synthcube a couple of times as they say it's exclusive to them, but they seem to be out of stock.

Somehow I always thought the PCBs would be unobtanium and Ian was either working on a new version or simply not wanting to offer those anymore, but maybe it's just that I've looked at Synthcube when they've been out of stock out of sheer bad luck?

(Come to think of it, I guess a Flexwave + Operator would also get me where I wanted, if only I have the guts to build another FW...)
Ah, I hadn't realised they were unavailable. I seem to recall they were in stock when I looked a little while ago but I can't be sure. Synthcube is the only place I'm aware of that ever had them.
Yeah, maybe I've just had bad luck with the availability... Let's see, subscribed for availability notifications now.

Sorry, back to regularly scheduled news, rumors and speculation!
I would be in on a couple of the large format Teezer PCBs if we need some numbers to convince synthcube to order another batch.
The timing on this is fortuitous - euro teezer! -
latest on the Teezer:

1- We do have large format (original) 5U Teezer PCBs available- we will update store stock. These came from Bridechamber and are compatible with the MOTM Bridechamber panel

2- We also have the (as yet unlreleased0 Euro Dual teezer panels, pcbs and brackets. We got these from Bridechamber and are putting these into the store as kits.. planned a bit later in summer 2018.

3. We just launched the official Euro Teezer-- as noted above-- and we are delighted that Ian was willing to collaborate with us. Its a matching unit to the Euro Threeler we did with him a couple of years ago.

4. not sure about an Elby (Panther) Teezer. We continue to cooperate with Laurie in terms of stocking other Ian Fritz Panther (Elby) kits via our store.
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