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Varigate 8+ VB ext clock sync problems
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Author Varigate 8+ VB ext clock sync problems
So i am having a hell of a time trying to sync my V8+VB to an external clock. They simply will not stay synced, in fact they tend to skip around a bit and do weird things instead of staying even to a 1/4 clock at 100 bpm or so.

I have the latest firmware on the V8 and they are synced via the busboard of my Pittsburgh modular structure case.

Any help would be most appretiated
Deleted. Misread initial post.
If you read through the main Varigate 8+ thread there is some discussion on this: storder=asc&start=0

Usually what it boils down to is that the VG8+ is picky about the voltage level and/or the pulse width that is getting sent to the CLK IN. Adjusting these parameters of the clock signal or sending it a clock from a different module/device will often fix it or at least make it more stable.

I believe I'm still running v1.0.11 which was pretty stable for me, but it really depends on your setup.
thank you,. yes it seems to somewhat work when I send it a different clock pulse. Really wish they made this more universal since its a top ranked eurorack sequencer..

I am using the latest firmware since the other firmware was so buggy I could hardly use it :( Hopefully we will get an update.
issue resolved in latest firmware*
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