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First go with Chiper and DDSR playing along with SynthVoice
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Author First go with Chiper and DDSR playing along with SynthVoice
T. Jervell
So excited I got a new frame with Chirper and DDSR today. Enough room left for the trusty PT delay, so now I got another full frame of Bug-goodies w00t
Started to toy around with the three modules, and had a blast. Recorded several small snippets on my phone, but it turned out that the audio was just to bad to publish (or maybe I'll change my mind on that later...)
Anyway, decided to try to crosspatch between the two frames this evening, and thought that I had to try and make a video with decent audio.

So here it is, my first patch with SynthVoice, Chirper, DDSR and PT Delay.
But please bear in mind that this is actually the first patch, pretty straight forward. No crazy stuff, or flamboyant wiggling, just fading things in and out......
The stuff I did earlier today utilized the Chirpers "crazy"-sides in a better way, this is more "traditional" stuff. Using the Chirpers osc1 as one of the "lead" voices, osc 2 is clocking both sides of the DDSR, and also gently modulates osc1. Osc1 is also FM-ing on of the SV's oscillators. A second SV oscillator handles the other "lead". All these voices are pitchmodulated by the DDSR. DDSR also handling the rhytm which is both SV filters being pinged by different Gate outputs on the DDSR. I also discovered the fun of patching one of the gate outs to the PT Delays CV in, creating a sort of counterpoint to whatver you feed it. Sometimes a bit hard to fine tune, but hey....
Oh and by the way, the pinged "bassdrum" is not really "that" noticable using PC-speakers, so I would recomend listening with headphones....
Awesome work Trond! Must get a new computer to make decent videos with.....
Sounds great applause
That's great love I like these trills, they sound like they were lifted from an old computer game.
T. Jervell
Thanks for the positive comments cool
I’m still just scratching the surface with these frames, but I’m having a blast trying out new things everyday. Made a video of my second session today, still pretty standard stuff/no crazy stuff, but a lot of fun (for me hihi ).
Guess I’ll wait to post new videos until I’m a bit more confident with the DDSR. It’s an absolute killer module, but I find that when I make the videos I’m afraid to «mess things up» if I start to tweek too much... same goes with the Chirper. Absolutely LOVELY module, but I’m still using it in a «polite» way....
Anyway again, thanks for the comments. I guess there will be more videos coming Guinness ftw!
That was great! love
Way interesting!!! Thanks for posting applause
T. Jervell
Had my third seesion today, celebrating getting new cheeks for my frames, turning my two separate frames into one beautiful 2framer cool
Made a quick and dirty video from the session. Full on saturated, wavefolded and FM'ed Chirper osc + a couple og the SV's osc. Again taking advantage of the wonderfull effect of one of DDSR's gates out to the PT Delay CV in.

Thanx a lot for sharing thumbs up
So good to see more videos with the SynthVoice and the Chirper in action!
Sounds great btw with the PT Delay.
Nice setup.
Hmmm... DDSR looks awesome too...
T. Jervell
Thank you!
Yeah the Chirper interacts with the SynthVoice in a very nice way. I’m so happy having them both. And the DDSR is just great! Still only scratching the surface, but learning a litlle more each time I take it for a spin, highly recommended thumbs up I also have to say that getting the PT in a frame with the others, instead of as a stand alone device, made a world og difference re: how often it is used. AND this lead to me learning more about the sweet spots and insanity, you can get out of it.
Honestly, since I got the Bug-setup I’ve been more productive and inspired, than I’ve been in years nanners
BugBrand! love
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