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problems with DIY turing machine MKii
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Author problems with DIY turing machine MKii
Roge Piltoney
Hello - this is maybe my 3rd or 4th DIY build, and I am having trouble with getting the Turing Machine Mkii to work. Calibration worked fine, the pulse and main outputs work fine, the CV and clock inputs work fine, and the length and scale knobs, as well as the write switch, also all work fine. What's wrong is the big knob and the noise output.

The big knob is not random no matter where it is - it is always locked. Between 12 and 5 oclock, it locks into a sequence whose length is equal to the length knob; between and including 7 and 12 oclock, the sequence is also locked, but its length is twice the length knob.
However, I noticed that if i continuously and constantly move the big knob back and forth (or put an LFO into the CV input), I can manage to get a random sequence.

Also, the noise output does not seem to work.

I've already tried re-soldering everything, and have thoroughly cleaned all sides of the PCB with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Here are pictures:
if there is no noise output try another 2n3904
Roge Piltoney
Hi, thanks for getting back to me! On your advice I tried switching the 2n3904 with a spare one I had lying around. I am now noticing an extremely quiet output from the noise output, but for all I know that was there before (i hadnt tried turning the volume of my mixer all the way up). The sequence is still not random. help
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