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Serpens Modular - New Australian Manufacturer
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Author Serpens Modular - New Australian Manufacturer
Hi guys,

We're a new Australian manufacturer and we've just released our Dual LFO. If anyone is looking for a cheap and reasonably basic dual LFO with some nice aesthetics then look no further ! It's also only 20mm deep so it's super skiff friendly.

Each modulator has a range switch and the two LFOs in each unit are engineered differently in order to give users a very wide range of modulation speeds going from audio rate down to about 1 minute. The outputs also have wave shaping so a variety of LFO shapes are possible.

All hand made in Australia using only the highest quality components and is being released in small, individually numbered batches.

Plenty more modules in the pipeline so search us out on Facebook if you're interested to see what we're up to.

Cheers !
that faceplate design is dope
motorhead412 wrote:
that faceplate design is dope

Thanks, glad you like it smile
85€ including sending to europe is a very good price thumbs up

curious what comes else
Just ordered one. Can only agree, the design is stellar! hihi

Looking forward to experimenting with this soon and seeing more modules on your site in future. Keep it up!
Congrats on the startup. As others have said, the panel design alone has sparked my interest. Where in Melbourne are you situated?
Wow, huge fan of the aesthetic. Definitely keeping an eye on this and hopefully I'll get some of your modules when my budget frees up a bit. What else do you have planned?
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