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twisted electrons crazy 8beats
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Author twisted electrons crazy 8beats
Anyone used this sequencer?
I use it mounted in a Eurorack skiff. It is quite fun to jam with, it's easy to mute steps to create odd timings/poly-rhythms, the per-voice clock division and probability modes are super useful, and most of all having 8 trigger outs to the modular is amazing.

One issue that I found with it is that programming the accent/CV outs is somewhat broken. It should work like this: you hold down the button for the step that you want to edit, and turn the encoder to assign a CV value to that step. What is happening is that the CV value is being assigned to every step in the sequence as I turn the encoder. To fix the sequence, you need to go through every step and re-adjust the CV value to what it was set to originally. This isn't a deal breaker for me fortunately. Also, I chatted with the manufacturer on Facebook, and it sounds like this is a firmware bug that will be hopefully fixable in a future update.

One thing I haven't tried, but plan on testing soon is chaining multiple patterns together to create extra long sequences.
Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!
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