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power consumption % on Make Noise power bus board
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Author power consumption % on Make Noise power bus board
I'm using a 208 hp case that has the following power:

Make Noise power bus board
Total power: 1.4A of +12v, 1A -12, 250ma +5

According to modular grid I will be at 1137 mA +12V | 704 mA -12V once I add the last couple of modules I'm considering.

This puts me at around 81-82%, which is above what I've seen recommended (Learning Modular says "you want this total consumption to only be about 70% or 80% of the current that your power supply can deliver").

Am I being too cautious to move one of the modules to another case (I have another case that is partially filled w/ deeper modules, but I'd prefer to keep my main modules in this case), or is it pretty much safe to be at under 82%, considering that Make Noise says "conservative current rating ... averaging 92% efficiency" (whatever that means).

Any advice from the experts. we're not worthy
Dave Peck
You're probably still fine, unless you have modules that are especially finicky about their power source and/or unless the power supply you are using is subjected to excessive heat by being confined in a tight enclosure with no vents etc.

In any case, running your power supply at around 80% capacity isn't likely to do anything that could damage a module, although it may be putting stress on the power supply itself that could increase the likelihood of the power supply failing somewhat sooner than it would have otherwise.
industry standard best practice for consuming power from any emitter is to cap consumption at 80% maximum capacity. If you were being serious you'd also measure DC inrush but this is probably unnecessary
Interesting, I will be watching this thread and see if there are any counter opinions.

I am interested in (eventually) adding a skiff in front of my SS and possibly plugging in a couple of the black uMutable stuff (uBraids, uRings, uBurst) into my 7u case, but am in a similar predicament as that would ideally move the touchplate (extremely low consumption) modules to the skiff, and would cluster all of the digital MN, plus these digital modules, bringing me, like the OP, into 1100 mA territory. I did not think I'd be running into trouble at just under 79% but if people have encountered problems, I will rethink this.
i have the elite modular 12U case with Make Noise power boards. One of the sides I was using at around 1380mA consumption which is pushing it pretty hard and I didn't have any issues.

The other side was around 1180mA and I had one module that would sometimes require a case restart to power up.

At one point in time this case was completely full of make noise modules and I didn't have any power issues.

That said...I am replacing the make noise power with intellijel tps80w this week or next. The modules I want to put in would put me over the 1.4A limit, and I would like to be closer at the 80% rule to hopefully prevent something like that from biting me later.
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