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Help selecting a good chorus for synth and guitar set-up
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Author Help selecting a good chorus for synth and guitar set-up
Hey folks,

I’m in the market for a good chorus effect for my synth and guitar set-up and was hoping y’all could weigh in one what you think would be best.

I’m on a tight budget $350-400 CAD max. So options like the Roland Dimension D and SBF-325 are a little outta my price range. Like most I am partial to the Juno and CE1 chorus. So, I have been looking for other options...

Preferably, I’d like a good rackmount from the 1980s (80s vibe and effects are a big part of my sound currently) so naturally I gravitated towards the Boss CE-300 and almost pulled the trigger on fleabay. However, the lack of balanced I/O and the modding to bring-up to line level is a hassle I don’t really want to deal with so I put that on hold for now. As for other rackmounts, I’ve been looking at the Yamaha Spx-90 for the symphonic ensemble preset/chorus options. Rockman and MXR stuff is getting pricey and harder to come by.

So, now I’ve been looking at guitar pedals...

The Boss CE-2/DC-2 is the obvious choice but I’d like a little more modulation options...

So... I’ve been really mulling over the Moog Minifooger Chorus. It’s right in my price range and it has some really distinctive aspects about the chorus I like. The biggest downside (although many would call an upside) is the lack of colour (not enough character and cheese). But it’s my top contender so far...

I’ve also heard some amazing things about the Red Witch.

What do you folks recommmend? Is there some sleeper chorus I’ve over looked? Thanks in advance.
MXR stereo chorus. The yellow one - old or new.
For modulated chorus to an extreme: o-chorus-mkii-2018-white

And seems to be in your price range.
Michael O.
I’ve been down this route, and if you’re after that particular Roland/Boss sound rather than a typical ‘80s chorus the ce-300 is by far the most price-effective option. I’ve got a couple that I run unmodified with pro (balanced, +4) gear utilizing only simple passive DI boxes to interface it. I love the sound and reach for it often, even though I have a Dimension D and a j106 I modded for chorus input.

None of the other units mentioned have the Roland-esque timbre, and also face bal/un interfacing issues. The spx90 sound in particular is on the opposite end of the spectrum, but is a fun tool to have in the rack when you need dreamy timbres different from the Roland standard. Also great for objectively bad but subjectively sometimes beautiful verb. If I were you, I’d pick up a ce-300, an spx90 (one that works!), and have a little cash left over.
Digital, but the Boss SE-70 has some nice chorus patches.

Pedals: the Behringer Dim C clone, CC300 or, for a different shade, the EHX Poly Chorus?

That said, isn't Tony Allgood/Oakley building a rack chorus? I don't know if this is the project, but here's a link:

... there's a thread here in the forum.
EBS Red Twister.

I appears to be simple and basic but it sounds outstanding.
polyroy wrote:
MXR stereo chorus. The yellow one - old or new.

Totally agree mate SlayerBadger!
...This may seem strange... but I grew up with the Korg SDD-2000 and -3000; even though they’re delay units, and recently got the remake ‘table/floor’ pedal. Great modulation capabilities; able to both flange and chorus, with multiple waveforms to boot.

Plus, of course it works as a (modulatable) delay line as well... with presets!
You mention Red Witch and their Medusa (chorus+trem) sounds extremely good but it doesn't take synth (line level) very well unless you bring it to guitar level using some re amp device. I guess that's true for many of the other guitar pedals in general as well
Rex Coil 7
Boss CE-20 (that's twenty, not a typo). I owned one of those for years. Works excellently with guitar, bass, and synths. I used mine for all three in the last band I was in for ten years. Stood up to live use just fine. Used it on my bass and synths on stage ... worked great combined with the Ampeg VST and a 6x10 front ported cab.

If you're after something more ~freaky~ ... then without ANY doubt go with the giant stainless steel Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus. Put it in "Filter Matrix mode" then you can manually manipulate it as a filter .... and mated with the right synth filter and a delay like the RE-20 Space Echo and you got yourself a sick ~space synth~.

But seriously, look good and hard at the Boss CE-20. It's one of the BIG Boss units with two foot switches. Several different modes, stereo as well! It also has 4 memory slots for saving up to 4 setups. Even has a "Dimension D" mode. Can be had for ~around~ $140.00 USD or so. It also has a headphone output (really, it does!). And a switch 'round back for +4db signal level output. The "ambience" knob adds a light reverb, but it's routed in a cool way (I'm not totally certain but I think the light reverb is only on the wet signal). All I know is the thing sounds SICK. Probably THE best chorus I've ever owned (I've had a pile of them).

LINK TO GREATNESS = 65351?epid=78757017&hash=item3d6c4682a7%3Ag%3A1tgAAOSwq8FbPIOk&_sacat= 0&_nkw=boss+chorus&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0

(you're quite welcome!)

thumbs up GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Hmmm .. hmmm..... ... now I even have MYSELF thinking about buying another one! Made my Telecaster produce that ~Andy Summers/The Police~ sound with total ease.

lol lol
i really like the yamaha symphonic algo. recently pick up a small 1/2 19" box (emp100: a sort of semi preset spx 990) that does this really well. for 50 euro's.
even spx 990's can be had for maybe 100-200 euro's. check ebay ...
for little stompboxes: the tc chorus/flanger seems to be the one. but usually more expensive!
Just another opinion :-). I love the Arion SCH-1 - wonderful pedal..... had it from new - can be hard to get hold of (for comparison I also have a small stone and ce-2 - the ce-2 is nice but I much prefer the sch-1). I am so worried about it dying I am planning on building a couple of clones....
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