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Es-3 routing in ableton help
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Author Es-3 routing in ableton help
Hey guys, this is day 3 in my struggle to get this amazing machinery working. I use a Saffire Pro 40 and Live 10. In MixControl I have the adata set to 11-16. I’m getting the unit to light up GATES ONLY 2-4-6 and the “master voice” levels are clipping out of oblivion.

I think my problem lies in the routing in my Live 10 set, or in my MixControl mixer settings.

Edit: yes I’ve read tons of forum posts here and elsewhere along with videos. Still can’t get it to work.

Also, which plugin should I use as the master plugin, midi or audio of the SW Vcontroller? In the routing options, do I put the voice output to 1.00 on the first three outputs? I would like to use them as 1v/oct and the 4th output is gate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to get this guy working! It's peanut butter jelly time!
In ableton, my master SW Voice is only outputting mono. All offsets work so again I’m getting signal. The only thing that outputs to the es-3 is bright red on outputs 2 4 6. I think it’s gate.
I’ve figured out that I’m not sending ANY pitch signal at any time, only gate. In my MixControl I have daw Inputs 11-16 enabled and set to 0db in the mixer section.
I think my problem is the way I’m setting it up in ableton.

Can somebody post pictures of their Saffire Pro 40 MixControl setup, and their Ableton live set setup please?
If you're never getting a pitch CV, it could be as simple as that you just haven't (successfully) done the calibration process. Is that it?
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